Tragic Tuesday: Goodbye, Will Gardner

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Welcome back to another rousing edition of Tragic Tuesday, where we remember those characters whom we lost too soon.

We can all still remember the moment shots rang out in the courtroom, but no one saw this death coming. It was a heartbreaking moment watching one of our favorite lawyers from Lockhart/Gardner slowly drift away.

We are still reeling from the death of Will Gardner from The Good Wife and chances are, we'll never truly get to the final stage of grief – acceptance.

Josh Charles as Will Gardner -- The Good Wife

Will was introduced in the first episode of The Good Wife as the man who never gave up on Alicia and fought for her to get a job at his firm. It didn't hurt that Will had feelings for Alicia, and even though he tried not to favor her, he just couldn't resist her fiery spirit.

Although Alicia was still in a loveless marriage, Will was able to show her what truly loving another person felt like. He provided Alicia with a passionate love life and showed her a partner is one who will always be there – even if only providing a shoulder to cry on because her husband is being a complete ignoramus.

Of course, the best relationship Will ever had was with Diane Lockhart, his partner at the firm. It was with Diane which showed his humanity and you couldn't help but fall in love with him even more.

Will Gardner wasn't just a ladies man, he was also a shark in the courtroom. He knew exactly how to win a case, even if it meant making some unethical decisions. He always had the respect of those around him.

Following a string of unsuccessful relationships and a falling out with Alicia, Will went head first into his work, but who knew his own client would ultimately lead Will to his demise thanks to one fatal gunshot wound inside the courtroom?

Will's death will live on as one of the most shocking deaths on television because, seriously, no one saw it coming. We never got a goodbye scene from our star-crossed lovers and we'll never know what he wanted to tell Alicia after he left her a cryptic voicemail before he went into his final day in court.

That's why we'll never truly get over the death of Will Gardner, because there are too many questions left unanswered. But isn't this exactly what happens when we lose someone so quickly?

Today we honor the legacy Will Gardner left behind. His memory will live on forever and his death will be remembered as one of the most shocking moments on The Good Wife.

If you want to take a trip down memory lane and watch some of the great Will Gardner moments, you can watch The Good Wife online anytime via TV Fanatic. 

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