Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Could Sara Be the Big Bad?

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Could Sara be ChArles?

Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 3 continued to shed light on the character of Sara, while getting us ever closer to the truth about Charles.

TV Fanatic staff writers Winston Rice and Paul Dailly are joined by super fans Aly and Meaghan. Read on as they discuss all things Charles, Andrew's release and Ezria teaming up.

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

Jason thinking Charles a figment of his imagination. React.

Winston: This development was a hard pill to swallow. I think it would have been far more interesting had everyone in Ali’s family been lying to her about Charles’ existence. I get it. Jason was young. But while I’m not an expert in child psychology, I do have experience being that age, and I do remember knowing the difference between real and imaginary. Especially when it came to friends, or in this case, family. I wonder just how much Mr. and Mrs. DiLaurentis had a hand in suppressing Jason’s very real memories of him. Hopefully, we will find out next week.

Aly: I have a theory about this. I think this is a variation between PLL and the short story "Charles" by Shirley Jackson, in which a boy had an "imaginary friend" named Charles, but the boy himself was really the one doing the stunts he claimed Charles did. I think Charles in PLL was real, sent to Radley, and Jason's parents brainwashed him into believing that Charles was never real; he had been an imaginary friend. Jason, as a child, could have started acting up (we know he had issues) and blaming Charles for his behavior. This could have impacted his adult life, too.

Meaghan: The DiLaurentis family really has done a number on their children, haven't they? The fact that Jessica and Kenneth could convince Jason that Charles was nothing more than an imaginary friend just shows how manipulative they really could be. Also, Jason must have thought he had one vivid imagination.

Paul: This was a good twist. Being as young as Jason was when he met Charlie, it would make sense that he could have an imaginary friend at that age. I don't understand how Mr and Mrs D. managed to cover it up, but I think Mr Hastings will know a bit more than we think about this.

How do you feel about Andrew being set free?

Winston: About time. His release can only help move this Charles storyline along a lot quicker than the usual PLL standard, so I’m all for it. But with the reveal that Andrew was adopted, Andrew is still in the running for Charles/A even if he was locked up. A most likely still has plenty of black hooded minions on speed dial.

Aly: I was expecting it. I do not think Andrew is guilty, and I do not think he is Charles. Andrew could have been tricked by Charles and blackmailed. He says he was trying to be the hero and save Aria and her friends. He could have thought/ believed he stumbled upon information that could help find them, but really Charles could have been tricking Andrew and causing him to fall into his trap of being framed. I bet Andrew was telling the truth, so he should be free.

Meaghan: I find it a little strange that all the time the girls were gone there was a man hunt going on for Andrew because they were so convinced it was him, but within a couple days of having him in custody they figure out it wasn't him? The Rosewood police department really needs to get it together. I do think Andrew is innocent, though, so I am that wasn't dragged out all season.

Paul: It was expected. The show has focused so much on the character of Andrew, and at this stage it would be anticlimactic if he was this monster he is being made out to be.

Is Sara just acting shifty, or is she going to be one of the bad guys?

Winston: I could totally see Sara working for Charles. After two years in the dollhouse, Sara probably found a way into Charles’ heart, no? She’s already doing a great job at manipulating the Fields family into letting her stay with them, so manipulating Charles into letting her be one of his little helpers doesn’t seem like a stretch.

Aly: On many occasions where the liars seem to believe they will be face to face with Charles/A, they end up with just Sara. Charles vanished from the dollhouse and the police found Sara, and now the liars thought A was about to kill Sara, and magically she has gone from being fast asleep into the shower, with the pillows set up to look like she is still in bed. You'd think she would have her guard up and notice this if she didn't do it herself. It's possible she thinks/knows Ali was the one who Charles wanted, and she was a replacement. Maybe she blames the girls for this and maybe she believes whatever she has been told by Charles about the girls. She could be bad.

Meaghan: There is something very off with Sara. The way she is clinging to Emily so tightly, and just the way she acts is so odd. Maybe it's because she has been locked up by a psycho for years, but I think there is more to it. I think she has a touch of Stockholm syndrome and is now working for A. I also think a big hint lies in her mom. When Emily's mom told her about Sara getting picked up from the hospital, she said I guess it was her mom or something along those lines. The fact that we haven't seen this woman makes me think we may know her.

Paul: I think she's the leader of this A game. There, I said it. Nothing adds up at all with her and if she knows everything A does, then she knows that Emily is easily manipulated. Remember Maya's cousin?

Aria and Ezra teaming up. React.

Winston: I know there are plenty of Ezria fans out there, I’m just not one of them. So….this scene didn’t really do much for me.

Aly: The way Ezra jumped to help Aria and the way he's been hounding her about writing makes me believe that he might have never stopped his book. I think Ezra knows more than he's letting on, and Aria could be figuring that out. They were acting almost like A when they were seeking information about Andrew. This will be in my TV and broken laws blog, so I'm glad the scene was in the episode, but it was definitely an odd vibe.

Meaghan: Aria and Ezra have been a lot less boring since they broke up. I can't completely get behind these two again because the show has proven that their relationship can get quite stale, but I am warming up to them a little.

Paul: I feel like the liars have matured a lot since their time in the dollhouse, so I think this scene was needed to show just how much Aria has grown up.

Will Papa DiLaurentis give us enough answers next week?

Winston: He will probably give us just enough answers to keep us asking questions. ’Tis the way of PLL.

Aly: I don't think so, but I am starting to think that it's because he might not have enough information. Maybe Jessica lied to him about Charles and Kenneth believes Charles died (the previews suggest he tells Ali and Jason this), but Jessica was conveniently killed and maybe it was to stop her from revealing these answers.

Meaghan: This is Pretty Little Liars so most likely he is going to give us answers that are going to lead to a million more questions. After all we still have seven episodes left of the first half of the season. There is no way we are getting real answers yet.

Paul: Not enough to end this story. As Meaghan says, there are still seven weeks left.

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