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Aria must get help from Ezra to find out what Andrew's deal is. They find out that he was adopted and his birth date is sealed up.

The liars search Ali's house to try and prove that Charles is real, but Jason seems to think he was a figment of his imagination.

Aria finds a picture of the twins with Jessica which leads him to confront Kenneth, who tries to evade questions.

Andrew gets out of jail and tells Aria to stay away from him and that the liars have made his life hell. He says he was searching for them the three weeks he was missing. Aria tries to speak, but he shuns her.

Toby tries to warn Spencer to keep Ali away from Lorenzo, but she does not take his advice and eggs Ali on.

Anne Sullivan resurfaces and tries to get the liars to confide in her, but they receive a video which threatens to kill Sara if they come clean to her about anything.

Sarah struggles to cope and Emily gives her a cell so they can stay in contact. Bethany cuts her hair very short and gives Spencer a fright.

Pretty Little Liars
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