The Whispers Season 1 Episode 6 Review: The Archer

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I still don't know who Drill is. 

All the promos for The Whispers Season 1 Episode 6 teased the fact that we would finally get to know who Drill is. We didn't.

All we saw Drill aka a glowing mist or liquid looking thing on camera. We definitely found out that Drill is energy, which a lot of people had guessed, and that he was most likely alien.

But, dear annoying #WhoIsDrill, can we actually answer your question? No.

At least we have a better sense of Drill's mission. Harper filled Claire in on the details – Drill came for the food source, so his family can (assumedly) come to Earth. Okay, Drill's got a solid game plan.

It's unclear why an energy source needed children to do his dirty work, but hey, it worked out well for Drill. Is anyone thinking that Drill's family will come in peace? Yeah, that's probably too much to ask.

Talking to the Children - The Whispers

If we weren't constantly being asked via onscreen hashtags who Drill was, it wouldn't be so annoying that we don't know. There's something about looking at thosethreewords week after week and not being any closer to answering the question that drives me crazy.

It would have been great if we spent less time thinking Sean was Drill, and more time gathering intel on Drill. 

It makes sense that we needed to learn about the food source after the events of The Whispers Season 1 Episode 4, but couldn't we have figured out the Drill is energy angle a bit sooner? Or maybe we could have learned about the rock and the alien angle a bit sooner.

Sean and Claire could still have been forced to wait until now, but we could have found the glowing rock (that Wes stares at like he loves) earlier.

Lena has not been my favorite character, and she still isn't, but she made some progress winning her way into my good graces. Lena not wanting Minx to interact with a bunch of other kids who Drill has influenced made sense.

Lena thought she was protecting Minx from people who could make her worse. Also, if Minx actually did go, she would have made sure that no one said anything to Claire. 

Don't be mad, Drill. We wanted to tell you.


However, when Lena overheard Minx badmouthing Claire to Drill (basically putting out a hit on her, let's be honest), Lena realized she had to do something. It is pretty obvious that there isn't any way that Minx would open up to Claire or Wes, so Lena started her own investigation.

Lena's one brave mother. Personally, I don't think I would put myself onto Drill's radar any more than I already was if I were her.

Lena becoming "in" with Drill is one of the more exciting things so far, as far as investigating Drill goes. It's unclear what exactly Lena will be able to find out, but maybe she will find out more of Drill's master plan. Do you think Lena should tell Wes about her new BFF status with Drill immediately or let it play out a bit first?

Sean and Claire are adorable. Even though Sean has no memory of being married to Claire, he still let her be his wife. He didn't flinch or pull away when Claire rushed to his side after learning he had been injured. Sean let Claire do it.

But after his physical contact with the rock, Sean regained all his memories. At first, his reunion with Claire was bringing tears to my eyes at their happiness, then Sean had to point out he remembered Claire and Wes' affair. Things got awkward after that. Did anyone else love the insanely awkward car ride between Sean, Wes and Claire?

This is like something is grabbing me in the pit of my stomach and pulling.


Sean getting his memories back is confusing. Maybe this is the rock's way of rewarding Sean for helping Drill, although Sean never really appeared to do anything that specifically helped Drill. Another option is that the rock wanted to give Sean his memories back, so he could help stop Drill. Sean can articulate what he knows about Drill and about his time before the crash. What's your theory?

What did you think of "The Archer"? Leave me your theories in a comment below. Remember you can watch The Whispers online anytime via TV Fanatic!

The Archer Review

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The Whispers Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

This is like something is grabbing me in the pit of my stomach and pulling.


I know these kids. They're Drill's friends.