Arrow Season 4: First Look at Diggle Suited Up!

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It's our first look at John Diggle suited up and ready for action!

We've been wondering for a while when he was going to go the next step and conceal his identity to protect his family, and the moment is now! He'll be sporting his new look when Arrow Season 4 premieres. 

Does Diggle look badass or what?

Diggle Suits Up - Arrow

David Ramsey mentioned at Comic-Con that he was the de facto leader of the Arrow team in Oliver's absence leading the Black Canary and Speedy. It makes perfect sense that he'd join the ranks with a costume of his own.

Will he look amazing fighting side-by-side in this new getup or what? Bring on the season premiere!

You can catch up on all the action when you watch Arrow online and be here on Wed., Oct. 7 to talk about all the excitement of the new season.

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