Quantico Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Kill

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Excuse me while I mourn Alex and Shelby's friendship. 

On Quantico Season 1 Episode 4, Alex tells Simon that after he left, things got ugly between her and Shelby. This was such a great bombshell to drop, especially since right now in the Quantico storyline, they are BFFs. Shex for life!

While learning about Simon getting kicked out was shocking, Shelby and Alex breaking up was shocking and painful to hear. They are so cute at Quantico. We've become invested in their friendship. Whatever Alex found out about Shelby's parents couldn't be enough to break up their friendship, so Alex must have done something else.

Maybe she told Shelby about it in a terrible way or she was snooping into Shelby's life when she shouldn't have been. What's your theory?

I absolutely love these little revelations that come out. They don't directly have anything to do with who framed Alex, but it helps to shape our perception of everyone as NATs at Quantico. It's juicy gossip that we are privy to before anyone else is at Quantico.

Doubting Her Ability - Quantico

These revelations are little cliffhangers. They make you jump up and go, "wait, WHAT?!" and then you automatically start to watch the Quantico scenes with a razor sharp focus to try to see the first clue when things start to go downhill. We start to profile everyone and everything.

Granted, we have some extra information, but it makes the show even more exciting to watch. 

I cannot tell you how relieved I was when we actually got an answer as to how Simon was back at the FBI.

With a show that has so many secrets, we need constantly receive answers otherwise we will be more confused than invested. Simon working for the FBI after being kicked out of Quantico wasn't the show's biggest secret, but it was big enough that it made you start to wonder what was going on. 

Thankfully, we know the truth, and it ruled out the possibility that Simon getting re-hired had something to do with Alex's frame job. Simon was undercover when Alex crashed his office, and my guess is after Clayton saw the security footage of Simon and Alex together, that's when he gave Simon the task of helping bring her in. 

Haven't you ever been good at something you didn't want to do?


Oh, but yeah, Simon's now on Alex's side. We can trust him...again. I don't want to get into it. 

The lovable Caleb is back! No, he didn't appear during his scenes with Shelby. There's still no shippy feelings on my end.

I'm talking about his scenes with Nimah (but actually Raina). That is the Caleb I fell in love with. It was great to see him be a nice guy, and he brought out a different side in Raina. Can they always be partnered up, please?

I still do not care at all about Miranda's son woes. Okay, so it is nice that we finally know the details about Miranda's plan for Nimah and Raina (finally learned the proper way to spell her name), but ehhh, it's not doing anything for me. Right now, I'm more invested in the Alex frame up and whatever the hell Liam is up to with Ryan's off-the-book undercover mission at Quantico. 

Part of me did enjoy watching Miranda being completely vulnerable and emotional with Nimah, but mostly I was wishing that we could focus more on either stuff at Quantico or Alex holding Shelby hostage. 

Simon: Would you just lay off of me?
Elias: I haven't even gotten on you yet.

Alex makes some really dumb decisions for one of the best trainees that has even been to Quantico. We hear all the time about how kickass Alex is as a NAT, but while she's on the run, you want to slap Alex upside the head, DiNozzo style. 

Did she not think that Shelby was going to fight back? While she had Simon and Ryan there, she should have had them help her at least handcuff Shelby. As soon as Ryan and Simon left, Shelby made her move and almost got away. Did that moment bother anyone else? I may have been yelling at Alex during that scene. 

Honestly, I have zero idea what to make of Liam. I just don't understand anything about him other than he has it in for Alex. Hopefully now that Miranda is eavesdropping, we will start getting some answers. Do you have any theories or thoughts on Liam?

What did you think of the episode? Is anyone else finding the concept of Ryan and Natalie being a couple really strange? Leave me all your conspiracy theories in a comment below. Tune back in next Sunday for Quantico Season 1 Episode 5.

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You know what? I wanted answers, and I got 'em. Now I have closure. It's fine.