The Originals Season 3 Episode 8 Review: The Other Girl in New Orleans

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Welcome back to the faux New Orleans, everybody, where the ish is getting ready to hit the fan for the Mikaelsons and everyone they've ever known and loved or even sort of liked a little bit.

Like Cami, for starters. Aurora threw her into a lion's den on The Originals Season 3 Episode 8, and while she Klaus managed to save her, one has to wonder when Cami's luck might run out.

If anyone was a mental match for Aurora, it was Cami, but I fear the resident therapist may have gotten a little too far under the radiant redhead's skin. Cami's psychoanalysis, coupled with Klaus' denial of love and mind invasion, is going to make Aurora more insane than she's ever been in all her 1,000 years on Earth.

Plus Lucien, that cheeky, sneaky bastard, is on her side. Maybe. Who knows?

There was never any doubt that Klaus would rescue Cami before she became a walking blood bag for vampires in transition. The burn between Klaus and Cami is smoldering right now, and it's about to blow up. Why neither of them will make the first move or proclamation is beyond me.

Where's a singing crab and a lagoon full of fish and some whacky seagulls when you need it? (Aurora is, naturally, one of the eels...)

I love that Klaus respects Cami's boundaries (sort of) and doesn't try to make a move and isn't overly flirty with her like he always was with Caroline. Not to ignite a shipper war here (seriously...) but we're seeing a different side of Klaus in love on The Originals than the one we saw over on The Vampire Diaries.

That Klaus was prone to the grand romantic gesture. This one is just...present. Protective but not overbearing. (I mean, that Klaus did behead someone with a graduation cap and this one has gifted his fair share of paintings, but hopefully you guys know what I'm saying.) He and Cami just sort of get one another.

If what Aurora said about Cami is true, that she's drawn to the darker side of human nature because of the darkness she hides within herself, then we have a much larger discussion to be had here about Klaus and Cami and their mutual attraction to the dark side as well as the good and pure. But we have to save that conversation for Twitter or for another day because it's crazy philosophical, and there's still so much other stuff to talk about from this episode.

Aya doesn't trust Marcel. That's okay because Marcel doesn't trust Aya. I'm not sure whether Tristan trusts Marcel, but Marcel definitely doesn't trust Tristan. 

I love that even though the Mikaelsons, Elijah in particular, have hurt his pride, Marcel is still their guy. That's at least in part because of his love for Rebekah, but it's also because he knows he has a duty to keep Klaus alive if he wants to stay alive himself. Plus, if Elijah stays out of sight, the Mikaelsons might have the upper hand since Tristan and the Strix think he's daggered or trapped or whatever it was they planned to do with him.

Elijah is wrong to refuse to listen to Marcel. Hopefully he understands that now that they know how to find Rebekah. Even though the previews for The Originals Season 3 Episode 9 show that she might be that weapon the prophecy mentioned. (Claire Holt is back next week! Again!)

Finn is also back. Sort of. Freya might be the only one who can see him and she might be in some sort of dream world while doing it, but she's gone to her eldest brothers for some answers based solely on the suggestion of Tristan. This does not bode well at all. Not even a little bit.

There's no reason for Freya to trust that Tristan has any good intentions in asking her to contact Finn. Plus, how did he even know that she could? I sort of want an explanation for how he knows some of the things he knows because I'm just not content with "because he does" as an answer. Did a witch tell him? Did he recognize the pendant as one that traps souls? I need some answers.

So does Jackson, apparently, about whether or not Hayley will ever fully choose him. 

To be honest, I think Jackson's kind of being a baby about the whole thing. No, it's not fair that he's stuck at home playing babysitter to a toddler who isn't even technically his at all, but he sort of knew when he signed on that Hayley was forever linked to the Mikaelson family. That was part of the deal. Get over your bruised ego and go back and get your girl, wolf man.

Next week is the winter finale of The Originals Season 3. What did you think of tonight's installment? Were you scared for Cami's life? What will Aurora do now that she knows Klaus doesn't love her? Will Lucien help her carry out this plan? Sound off below and don't forget you can watch The Originals online right here at TV Fanatic!

The Other Girl in New Orleans Review

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