Bitten's Greyston Holt on Clay's Internal Conflict and What's Next

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Greyston Holt stars as the brooding, angry (and romantic) werewolf Clay Danvers on Bitten which has just started airing its final season on Syfy.

Things have certainly changed at Stonehaven for the Bitten characters, just as they're about to changing for the actor in the wake of the series ending. Holt graciously took the time to speak with us about Bitten Season 3 and the internal conflict his character will suffer as the series continues and what Holt hopes will be the next step in his career. 

Read on for excerpts from our interview below!

Greyston Holt

The events of Bitten Season 2 really changed things at Stonehaven. Is there any way they can salvage the way things were?

It's really tough, but Jeremy's taken a hard line approach this season when it comes to Mutts. There has been so much death and heartache due to living in this world of Wolves and power struggles between the Packs. Jeremy is just fed up with it. You're either with the Pack now, or we kill you. There is no middle ground anymore. No wandering Mutts allowed.

This creates some conflict this season because Jeremy has always been on a more even keel, but now violence is the answer. It's definitely shaken up the Pack and and him, but we just need to change our tactics.

Doing that falls at Clay's feet, and you get to do all of the damage. What's that going to do to Clay?

There's a huge amount of inner conflict for Clay this season. He's put his violent ways and tendencies behind him for Elena and to move their relationship behind him, but now Jeremy says it's my way or the highway with violence and killing. I don't want to be a part of that. I mean, there's always necessary killing in our world, but for me, it just seems sort of senseless and the approach seems harsh. 

On the other side of that conflict is Elena. She's not OK with the violence, either, and I'm sort of torn between the Pack Alpha, the man who gave me everything in life and made me into the human I am – the functioning human werewolf – or the love of my life. So this season, for Clay, it's all about conflict.

As an actor, what are those torture scenes like? Do you try to make them lighthearted because of the material, since it's so heavy and dark?

Not so much. We definitely keep a light set in general, but there are days when everyone knows what's at stake and sometimes there isn't time for joking around and you need to sort of stay in that head space. You know, it's not easy just to switch on and off in certain cases.

A lot of the darker stuff you see this season, Greg Bryk, for example, he went to some really dark places and you sort of need to stay in it sometimes in order to give a believable performance. So during some of the torture scenes, it was like, those were heavy days. There were definitely heavy days. Emotionally tiring and physically tiring, especially for our guest cast, being tortured.

Oh my! Welcome aboard!

[laughs] Yeah! I just gotta pull a few fingernails off, they gotta react, you know!

If Clay could choose who was to be the leader of the Pack, who would he choose?

I think he would pick Elena. As much as Clay has tried to put his old ways behind him, they're still they're bubbling under the surface, and I think if he was in a position of power, and if he something happened to Elena or another Pack member, he doesn't really know how he would react.

There is an explosive and an impulsive side to Clay that will always be there, and I think that he's always known Elena is the common ground and the voice of reason most of the time, and she has a steady hand and that's something you need in leading the Pack and becoming Alpha.

I think Clay recognizes that. He doesn't have ego in it, either. It's not like Clay thinks 'I'm next in line, I should be Alpha.' That's never been a thought, at least not for me playing Clay. It's always the best person for the job. 

Clay Danvers - Bitten Season 3 Episode 1

Speaking of that. In Elena's bloody, fiery vision in the opening scene of Bitten Season 3 Episode 1, she was on the Alpha Chair, but there was another open chair nearby. What could that mean?

So, what are you getting at? Two Alphas? [laughs]

Yeah! Since you're pretty much the first werewolf couple.

So you're thinking a king and a queen. 

Yeah! what do you think about that? A couple, ruling together. The whole "family" idea.

That's an interesting theory. I like it, you know I haven't heard that one yet, but [laughs]...

Instead of violence being the answer, maybe it's family! Since it really is all about family, in a really whacked out way.

Yeah, exactly. That's the great thing about our show. It's a family show, we just have a very f*ucked up family! But the family values are still there. We just deal with our problems differently.

This is, sadly, the last season of Bitten. So what's next for you after Bitten ends? I've seen you in a lot of television movies. What do you want to do?

Yes, it is the last season. It's bittersweet. We built an amazing family and it was the experience of a lifetime to work on a show that I loved with people I loved, and we just had the most amazing time. So it's sad to leave that. 

But, yeah, it's exciting to see what's in the future for me. And, yes, I seem to do a lot of TV movies! In Canada, they seem to do so many up there, and it's sort of the bread and butter for a lot of actors in the off season. They just get an offer to do a TV movie, and yeah, if you've got nothing to do, it's fun to just keep working. I have a Christmas movie I did that will probably air sometime down here around Christmas time.

I'm just in LA right now hitting the ground running for pilot season, and it's the busiest time so I'm auditioning for a lot of shows. I'm hoping to get another series. TV is so good these days with all the different platforms. Eight years ago, even five years ago, if you had asked me what I wanted to do, I would have said movies, but there is just so much good TV that's shot like movies it's a great time.

I think TV's where it's at.

Yeah, definitely. You see a lot of film actors in TV now. It really gives you the opportunity to draw out a character arc. A movie, it just happens so fast, but when you have 10-15 episodes to  draw out your character, I think a lot of actors are starting to see how rewarding that is, and it just really allows you to tell a story with your character. 

We'll see what happens! I wish I had the opportunity to pick and choose my roles.

Is there a genre you'd be interested in working in that you haven't before?

Not really. As long as it's well written, I'd do it. I love it all. I'd love to do a western. I always wanted to get onto Hell on Wheels. I thought that would have been fun. I'm watching Transparent right now. It's just phenomenal. It's such a truthful, honest show in the writing and the acting. It's just so real. If it's good, it's good. Work is work. 

I'm warming up to comedy. I auditioned for a couple comedies. I haven't really worked in comedy a lot in my career, but it's something that I find very challenging and very rewarding at the same time. 

I've had a few auditions for comedies, and it's been fun working on the material, you know, coming from Bitten which is like the antitheses of that! I get this a lot, I play this kind of angry, brooding character on Bitten, but in real life I'm a total goofball. I think a lot of people are shocked when they meet me. I'm not like that at all. So, it would be fun to do something light. 

Be sure to tune into Bitten Season 3 Episode 2, "Our Own Blood," tonight on Syfy and every Monday at 11/10c.

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