Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 15 Review: Fresh Start

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One officer went missing, another was killed and the city’s top cop considered whether or not he still wanted the job on Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 15

Danny and Baez were handed the case of a missing cop and before this I’d never really considered what it meant to not show up for work when you’re a police officer. I suppose you’d risk being fired from any job but where else do they send detectives out to check on your well being. 

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Officer Nelson’s wife was surprisingly belligerent. I understood that she was angry with her ex but would it have been so difficult to give the detectives a forwarding address?

I found Danny’s reaction interesting. Did he really think that somehow Reagans were immune to addiction? That seemed naive, especially for a cop who has seen as much as he has. I certainly don’t want any of the Reagans to have to go down the horribly dark road of addiction but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. 

Erin dealt with the fallout over the failure of the Fresh Start program. It’s hard to say whether the program works or not because as Erin pointed out, we only had this one isolated incident to judge it on. 

But I had to laugh when Erin was questioning their suspect about why he was running from the scene of the shooting…

Adrian: I was jogging.
Erin: Jogging? In jeans, a hoodie, and work boots.

Instead of shooting and killing a cop, Adrian had robbed a liquor store. So much for a fresh start. 

I also loved watching Erin and Anthony work this case. As much as I miss Alex, Erin’s other investigator, Erin and Anthony are an odd ball pairing that’s very entertaining. 

Frank’s confrontations with the mayor were troublesome. It was as though he didn’t want the mayor to ask him to continue on in his job. Or were his feelings hurt that the mayor didn’t seem to want him?

Frank has been wrestling with feeling as though he’s not doing much good in his position but if he steps down as Police Commissioner then what comes next? Corporate security? Non-profit work? Playing cards at home with Henry?

Garrett made a good point in this Blue Bloods quote

You know how you always talk about the greater good. There's not a place out there where you can do greater good than you can from in here.


So true and I was glad to finally see Frank and the mayor put their issues to rest. I hope this is the end of Frank considering retirement for the rest of Blue Bloods Season 6.

Check back next Friday for my review of Blue Bloods season 6 Episode 16 and if you can’t wait for more Reagan family dinners, you can watch Blue Bloods online here at TV Fanatic. 

Fresh Start Review

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Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

Mayor Poole: Sorry to keep you waiting, Frank.
Frank: It's what we do, you and I.

Adrian: I was jogging.
Erin: Jogging? In jeans, a hoodie, and work boots.