Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Who Tried to Kill Emily?

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Is Melissa the killer?

That appeared to be the main question on Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 17 which put the eldest Hastings sister very much in the frame. 

TV Fanatics Jay Ruyman and Rachel Miller are joined by super fan Meaghan. Read on as they discuss Caleb's confession, Melissa's intentions and who tried to kill Emily.

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of Caleb owning up to leaking the information about Yvonne?

Jay: I think it shows how much he has matured and what this relationship with Spencer means to him. They are serious about each other, and I actually really enjoy it. It’s very adult. That he was willing ruin everything he’d worked for to protect Spencer was very selfless.

Meaghan: I think it was a dumb move on his part. They should have explained things to Veronica and pointed out that Mona is an excellent hacker and could have been framing Spencer. You would think after the conversation Veronica and Spencer had earlier she would be willing to believe her. 

Rachel: I agree with Jay. It was very mature of Caleb to confess to something he probably didn’t do. I have a feeling that Caleb will most likely find the true culprit.

Melissa had a vendetta against Charlotte. React.

Jay: Didn’t everyone have a vendetta against Charlotte? She messed with a lot of people. I’d like to see flashbacks of everything Charlotte did to these people, she was very twisted. I’m very intrigued with the Charlotte and Wren story, too. Why would she call Wren? What is their connection, considering neither went to Rosewood High?

Meaghan: I was a little confused on two things. 1. Why would Wren believe was Charlotte had said to her? She is a proven liar. 2. Why would Wren even care Melissa did that. Does Wren have a connection to Bethany that would make it so he can't forgive Melissa for killing her? I'm still convinced Melissa is a red herring once again so I am more interested in who would've had access to her suit case to take the piece and kill Charlotte.

Rachel: Like everyone else, I’d like to know what’s Wren’s connection to Charlotte. Why would he believe anything she told him about Melissa? Did Wren know all along that Charlotte was posing as CeCe while he worked at Radley? After all, Wren was the person who authorized CeCe to visit Mona in Radley, but how was that possible if CeCe was really a patient at Radley at the time? It’s so confusing.

Who tried to kill Emily?

Jay: Not Sara Harvey. Whoever killed Charlotte, most likely. I do believe that someone killed Charlotte and someone is searching for the truth. At this point, I can only suspect Dr. Rollins of killing Charlotte. “Married for love or an Alibi? -A”

Meaghan: I agree with Jay that it is whoever killed Charlotte. However, I think that Dr. Rollins is the one searching for the truth about who killed her, aka Big Bad. The person who killed her, in my opinion, is definitely Uber A and I would hope Uber A is gonna be someone who has been there from day one. 

Rachel: Again, I’m with everyone else, it’s most likely the person that killed Charlotte. I also think Dr. Rollins is suspect as well, something about him is very iffy.

Did you expect two weddings?

Jay: I didn’t even expect one. I figured something would break up Ella and Byron, I really don’t enjoy them together. She deserves better. And Alison and Rollins wedding was so sketchy, they just decided to be together publicly last episode. Aria’s going to regret that when Alison is unable to testify against him when he’s outed as Charlotte’s murderer.

Meaghan: Seeing as we knew that Ali and Dr Rollins were going to get married at some point it wasn't a huge shock. I am surprised that they decided to do it without a real wedding. Ali always has loved to be the center of attention and she gave that chance up for a tequila fueled back yard wedding with just Aria? You would think the other Liars would at least get an invite too. 

Rachel: Yep. We already knew Ali and Dr. Rollins were going to get married. I just want to know why were they such in a rush to get married when Rollins was skeptical about going public with their relationship?

What do you thinks going to happen in the next few weeks?

Jay: I think we’ll find out who Charlotte’s killer is and if it’s related to who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis. I wouldn’t be surprised if the girls tried to protect this person, if their intentions were good and if it was an accident. Charlotte deserved what she got. And I think the girls can see that, too.

Meaghan: What I hope is going to happen over the next few weeks is we get an answer to who this Big Bad is. What I think is going to happen is the girls pointing the fingers at five more suspects before this season is done. Maybe if we are lucky Shower Harvey will end up dead, and maybe if we are really lucky it will be by drowning in a shower! 

Rachel: Hopefully Sara will finally drift off into the vortex of forgotten PLL characters. I want to know if Melissa is truly sketchy like we’ve all assumed. I also liked to know who the Big Bad is, as well as Mrs. D’s killer.

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