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When Melissa returns to town to help with her mother's campaign, drama ensues as the liars start to be believe she was involved with Charlotte's death. Meanwhile, Hanna helps Ella and Byron with their upcoming wedding and faces a dilemma of her own: is she ready to get married to Jordan? She tries and tries to be ok with Spencer and Caleb, but she's obviously not. Nonetheless, she calls Jordan and their wedding is still on.. for now. 

At the Hastings', things got rocky when Spencer confronts her mother about having cancer. Instead of taking it horribly, Veronica reacts well. Until painful information is leaked about Yvonne, from Spencer's computer. This pesky new villain must have done it, or Melissa, but Caleb confesses, only to save Spencer from her mother's wrath. 

Aria's parents are remarrying and she's officiating the wedding, while Liam finally finds out about her and Ezra's past. 

Emily continues to be threatened by this new villain over her eggs, and this new person threatens to use them to have a baby. (Maybe it's a man?) After stumbling across the weapon, Emily is almost killed by someone in a car, leaving her thinking that there is two people: someone who wants Charlotte's murder uncovered, and someone trying to cover it up.

Pretty Little Liars
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