Castle Round Table: Was the Separation Worth It?

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Kate Beckett went back to the NYPD Police Academy as an instructor when a recruit officer turned up dead in Castle Season 8 Episode 15.

Below, TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Jim Garner, Robin Harry and Christine Orlando are joined by Tycho657 from A Possibility For Joy a Castle Fan Forum to debate the end of the Caskett separation, whether they’d buy Martha’s “Unsolicited Advice”, and if Kate had the right to be angry in “Fidelis Ad Mortem."

It’s Episode 15 and Caskett has decided to work LokSat together. If it were up to you, would they have come to this resolution sooner?

Stacy: In the beginning of the season I wanted to see them working together, but the second half of the season has been a lot better since Beckett's not keeping it all from Castle anymore. There are still plenty of episodes left to see them work together and bring down LokSat, and I'm excited to watch them unfold. 

Jim: YES! Given how many things these two have been through, it was completely stupid that they ever ended up trying to go it alone against LokSat.

Robin: That goes without saying! This separation story, both the "real" one and the pretend one, was a complete waste of time, and I can't believe it took more than half a season to get to this point.

Tycho657: Why they wasted so much time with this separation is beyond crazy. We know, they know, everybody knows that when they work together they are unstoppable. So, why wait so long to come together to go after LokSat?? This should have happened by episode 4 or 5 not 15.

Christine: I agree with you Tycho657. Episode 4 or 5, tops! A little angst is fine but more than half a season of this nonsense was horrible. Let’s face it, this show just doesn’t work when you don’t have Castle and Beckett working together. 

Would you buy “Unsolicited Advice," Martha’s book if you could?

Stacy: Definitely, if for no other reason than to have her sign it for me...on the dedication page of course!

Jim: Probably not. My family is from the south, I get all the unsolicited advice I can handle already, I really don't need to buy a book to get more (lol).

Robin: Ha! In-universe, probably not. That would be the kind of book I would borrow. That said, as a viewer, I do kind of wish that it was a real book like the Nikki Heat series. I'd read it then just because I like the tie-ins with the show.

Tycho657: I have been reading it daily on twitter from the "ghost" writer Susan Sullivan. It might be fun to look at but I don't think I would buy it.

Christine: I’m a big fan of Martha’s, although I think her advice has been pretty poor for much of Castle season 8.  But if it were out there, I’d definitely own it. 

Did you enjoy Captain Kate Beckett as an NYPD Academy instructor?

Stacy: I did, she's a great mentor, and I loved that she drew from her own experiences when Capt. Montgomery mentored her. She's come a long way and it is great to see her impart that experience on the newbies. 

Jim: I enjoyed it very much, I'd like to see her mentoree end up at the 12th under her mentorship. Would be a nice way to add a uniformed officer into the mix and see their career grow.  

Robin: I can't remember the last time I enjoyed watching Kate Beckett this much. She was fantastic. She was a great instructor and mentor, authoritative yet nurturing. I'd rather watch her as an Academy instructor than as a Police Captain, to be honest.

Tycho657: I loved this part of the episode. Kate makes a great instructor. She needs to go back every so often to keep these new recruits in line.

Christine: I agree with you Robin. I enjoyed her more as an Academy instructor than I have with her as Captain all season. The one thing I thought was missing was having Castle by her side to witness it because half the fun is getting Castle’s reactions to the different facets of Kate Beckett. 

Was Kate angry with Castle for trying to protect her? Did she have the right to be?

Stacy: I don't think she was angry. She needed time to process what he told her, which is fair. There was a lot going on with the case and he dropped a bombshell right in the middle of it. I don't think she ever went from "processing" to "anger" though. 

Jim: I agree with Stacy, I don't think she was angry as much as just frustrated by the entire situation and needed time to process everything so she could figure out how to move forward. 

Robin: I think she was angry at the beginning, and then later realized that she really had no grounds to be angry since she's done the same thing to Castle. 

Tycho657: I think she flashed over that anger very fast. As she played back his words in her mind she could see, finally, the err of her ways. And no, she has no right to be angry with Castle. He tried very hard to protect her from herself since he knows her better than she does.

Christine: It felt like she was angry right after he told her. Kate Beckett hates being “protected” from anything. Then I think she moved from anger to frustration and eventually acceptance all though very little of it was voiced. And given how much she’s held back from Rick, I’m pretty sure this puts them on even ground. 

Was there anything in “Fidelis Ad Mortem” that disappointed you?

Stacy: I wish that last scene could have been extended. We need more than a super quick kiss in the last seconds of an episode. 

Jim: I was fairly happy with the episode over all. I was glad to see Hayley (however briefly) and kind of missed Alexis, but overall was good.

Robin: When Castle said that he hoped Beckett could forgive him, I just shook my head. It will never stop bothering me how dominant Kate is in this relationship and how submissive and plaintive Castle is. I honestly wish that every direction they went in as a couple wasn't dictated by Kate's terms. A little more equality would be nice.

Tycho657: I was really hoping for more of a discussion between Castle and Beckett. Drinks and a nice kiss were just not enough.

Christine: It bothered the heck out of me that these two are incapable of having a serious conversation about anything important. I know that’s been much of their history but can’t they evolve? Going on a drinking binge did nothing but waste a scene that could have been emotional and enlightening, not to mention a lot more entertaining, if they’d only talked to one another instead.

What was your favorite quote or scene from Castle Season 8 Episode 15?

Stacy: My favorite was when Castle said he wasn't making any more decisions concerning LokSat without Beckett and Hayley smiling and saying that's the smartest thing she's heard all day. 

Jim: I really enjoyed Kate's interrogation of the cadets. She was effectively interrogating four people at once under the guise of training, that takes guts.

Robin: I quite liked Kate's sparring with the cadet. When she told her "quiet, you might learn something!" I was actually cheering. She did that with authority but gentleness at the same time. I loved it.

Tycho657: I loved watching Beckett's amazing interrogation techniques as she put the four cadets thru the ringer. It was fun to see. It was also nice to see Kickass Beckett return.

Christine: I was thrilled that Rick told Kate the truth about what he’d found out in LA. These two could use way more honesty and conversation in their marriage and I’ll take every fleeting minute of it I can get. 

Check back in two weeks for our review of Castle Season 8 Episode 16 and if you can’t wait until then, you can always watch Castle online here at TV Fanatic. 

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