Vinyl Season 1 Episode 4 Review: The Racket

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Well, don't I feel like an ass for buying Donny Osmond albums back in the day?

Considering the name of the series, there isn't a whole lot that we learn about the record business, but we got some glimpses into it on Vinyl Season 1 Episode 4.

And yet I still feel stupid. If anyone can explain to me what the heck Skip is doing with regard to the Donny Osmond albums, I'd greatly appreciate it. He wants them featured in record store windows, but hidden on the shelves, as well. I'm totally lost.

We met top artist Hannibal, Lester got closer to Richie and American Century and Devon considered divorce, all while Richie seemed to make every wrong move.

Turning On the Charm - Vinyl

While Richie continued snorting coke to keep himself going, Devon considered filing for divorce. All she needed was a free consultation for an attorney to be onto her, though.

You're not getting divorced, Mrs. Finestra. You just wasted an hour of my time generating a card to play in the next fight with your husband.

Divorce Attorney

Devon doesn't want to leave Richie, she wants him to realize what he's doing to their family and stop his behavior. The problem is, she doesn't have a clue what's going on with him, and if she did, she would probably wish she didn't.

One of the worst things he could have done was sit out Buck's funeral for marriage counseling. You can imagine how that must have played out in his mind. The faux conundrum as he wrestled with whether he should attend the funeral or counseling.

Of course he wanted to go to counseling. Anything to get out of going to that funeral. Any excuse he could muster up would have felt right. The guilt is eating him up.

The guilt is causing him to make some really poor decisions. Like asking the guys to go to lunch and leave him alone with Hannibal so they wouldn't overwhelm the guy.

Instead the place was overrun with business, and it gave Lester a great opportunity to pinch off the Nasty Bitz business for himself. 

The feelings of guilt Richie had for what he had done ages ago to Lester were still eating at him. It's as if what happened with Buck opened up his entire life for introspection, and he'd try to make amends where he can. But you can't go back.

Lester burning his tapes was rough. But the two men seem to have an understanding of each other, as at odds as it may be. It's possible this could be good for both of them in the long run. It's definitely good for the Bitz.

Richie never did make it to the Hannibal concert, though, because he went to his father to ask for an alibi. That looks like another relationship that has seen better days, but from the look on his father's face, he had no intention of not helping his son, regardless of what happened in the past.

Leaving Hannibal alone on the night of his big show, when Richie never did talk numbers with Hannibal's manager seems like it's going to come back to bite him in the ass. Another bad decision in a long line of them. We'll soon find out. Good ol' Jackie Jervis was on hand, though. 

What are the odds CeCe was able to keep the two of them happy and from doing business together?

Other notes:

  • I really enjoyed seeing how records were made. Where else would I get to see that in this distant future away from vinyl recordings?
  • The Hannibal concert was fun. Those outfits were awesome and the song, "Oh Lady, Let's Make a Baby," was just brilliant.
  • Speaking of songs, what about Robert Goulet trying to tap into the day-after-Christmas market with his only new song on the album. OMG was that bad! Do you think he approved of that for the show?
  • For that matter, did Donny Osmond approve of all the vitriol his name is taking at the hands of Vinyl?

If you've been watching and have anything of note to discuss, drop me a comment!

The Racket Review

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