Bones Round Table: Should Brennan Have Thrown That Punch?

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The Jeffersonian team investigated the death of one of the founders of Men Now, an organization that had Brennan throwing punches in Bones Season 11 Episode 12.

Our TV Fanatics Ashley Summered and Christine Orlando are joined by Pam for Castle and Bones Radio to discuss the Mens Now movement, Hodgins bad attitude, and their favorite moments from “The Men in the Meninst.”

Bones Round Table 1-27-15

Did you think the Mens Now movement had any valid points?

Ashley: I pretty much landed where Brennan did on some of the issues. Mostly it was crap, but things like the draft make sense to me. 

Pam: No. I thought this episode was in silly taste. The guys in it were such jerks and the women were brainwashed. I wouldn't have been able to be married to someone like that.

Christine: Most of what they had to say was pretty horrific. The scary part is that those people and attitudes actually exist. But I will agree with Brennan that the draft and parental rights were topics that deserved discussion. 

Were you surprised by how harsh Hodgins was with everyone, specifically Angela?

Ashley: Good lord, yes! It was actually really hard to watch, but kudos to T.J. Thyne on what I felt was a fantastic performance. 

Pam: Not in the least. He has gone through something very horrific and he is terrified he's not going to be man enough now for Angela. All Angela wants is to show her love for him and he is going through the stages of denial and bitterness and he's shutting her out.

Christine: A little, just because we’re so used to Hodgins using a bit of humor to hold things together. His anger at the world is completely justified but not at Angela. She’d do anything for him, and he’s purposefully trying to drive her away. It’s very hard to watch. 

Is Brennan a Jinx - Bones

Booth thought Brennan was jinxing his Flyers? Do you believe in a jinx?

Ashley: I want to say no, but honestly, I do knock on wood and things like that sometimes... 

Pam: No I don't believe in jinxes. You can freak yourself out and psych yourself out.  Booth should be happy Bones wants to do something that he likes and that she loves him enough to sit there and watch a game she could care less about.

Christine: Like Ashley, I want to say no but…I’ve been known to knock on wood or stop myself from saying or doing something so as not to jinx myself. Logically I know it’s silliness but I still do it. 

Should Brennan have been charged with assault for punching Paul?

Ashley: Probably, but I'm glad she didn’t. That guy had it coming. 

Pam: It was wrong to do it no matter how mad she was and how big of a jerk he was. She's lucky she was not thrown in jail for assault and battery but again he was calling her all sorts of bad names and he could have gotten in trouble for slander. He was calling somebody's wife all sorts of names especially someone who's an FBI agent he's lucky that Booth didn't slam him too.

Christine: In real life, the guy’s attorney’s (who were standing right there) probably would have filed charges before they left the building. But if what was being said in that room was recorded, their client would have looked pretty bad too. What Brennan did wasn’t right but it was understandable. 

Which character, if any, do you think will finally get through to Hodgins about his attitude?

Ashley: Booth. This is the sort of thing that Booth does well with, and I think if Hodgins listens to anyone, it will end up being him. 

Pam: I think it's going to be Booth. He's going to tell Jack how close he came to losing Bones and how important Angela is in his life and not to shut her out.  I think he will be the one to get through to Jack. H can't shut out the one he loves the most.

Christine: It’s unanimous. I think Booth will be the one who makes Hodgins see that as bad as things are for him, others have gone through this and worse and gone in with their lives. It doesn’t give Hodgins the right to abuse the people who care about him. Hodgins needs to start focusing on what he still has: a loving wife, a beautiful son, friends who care and a job he’s passionate about. Many people have much less. 

What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?

Ashley: Is it too obvious to say when Brennan throws that punch? Because for me, that was hands down the best scene from this episode. No question. I love seeing that side of her.

Pam: When Aubrey and Booth are eating the donuts in Booths office, Aubrey bought the donuts to make him feel better. How about phones jinxing him and his Flyers? I thought that was a nice bonding of co-workers and new friends.

Christine: I love seeing Booth and Brennan happy at home. We went through so many seasons of them struggling to be together, but I just adore every scene that shows them smiling and cuddling at home. 

Check back in with us on Thursday for our review of Bones Season 11 Episode 13, and if you can’t wait for more, you can watch Bones online here at TV Fanatic. 

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