The Flash Season 3 Adds Tom Felton as Series Regular

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The Flash has always been magical, but this casting announcement should seal the deal.

Harry Potter alum Tom Felton has been added as a series regular to The Flash Season 3.

Felton, who starred in all eight Potter films as Draco Malfoy, will be a fellow CSI tech at the Central City Police Department.


Felton's character, Julian Dorn, suspects there is more to Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) than just his good guy persona.

Well, he'd be right about that!

While there is no premiere episode for Felton, it's understood he'll begin airing around the time the the third season premieres.

Both Gustin and Greg Berlanti have confirmed the title for The Flash Season 3 Episode 1 is "Flashpoint," and they will be doing a version of the famous DC comics story.

That makes complete sense, as on The Flash Season 2 Episode 23, a Barry who was overcome with grief altered the timeline again when he went back in time to save his mother. 

He was not thinking clearly (if at all) about what changing that moment meant for all other moments that followed, and when he returns to the present, the expectation is he's in for a whole bunch of very big surprises.

It's unknown if his mother, Nora, will still be alive all those years later, but his life should have changed from his father not going to prison, not being brought up by Joe West and with Iris, and his desire to investigate may not have blossomed as it did as a result of his mother's murder.

Will Barry even BE a CSI tech when he returns to the present? 

Will he even be The Flash?

So many things could and should be changed that it makes this bit of casting news stand out to this viewer. Felton may be the ONLY CSI tech when the season premieres, in spite of the casting notice calling him a fellow CSI.

If Barry is a do-gooder, will it be because he's trying to find his way back to who he was before?

Maybe Barry joins the CSI job as a new tech and Felton's Julian Dorn had the job beforehand. 

There is really so much to ponder and a "fellow" CSI coming on board during the third season seems to me to be at least one indication of how things have changed as a result of the timeline.

What are your thoughts on how Felton and his Julian Dorn will fit into the picture, both while the timeline is a mess and after Barry manages to fix it?

If you're confused because you got sidetracked and want to jump on board now that there's a Potter coming aboard, you can watch The Flash online right here!

The Flash returns to The CW on Tuesday, October 4 at 8/7c.

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