Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Would Aria Decline Ezra's Proposal?!?

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Would Aria say no to Ezra?

That was one of the main questions coming out of Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 5 after Ezra popped the question. 

TV Fanatics Jay Ruyman, Rachel Miller and Yana Grebenyuk are joined by super fan, Meaghan.  They discuss Shower Harvey's return,  Aria's answer and their thoughts on Pretty Little Liars Season 7.

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of Shower Harvey's return?

Jay: Uggggghhhhhhhhhhh. Go back to whatever well you fell into, Sara. We've been done with you since the second you showed up. You're just a Jenna-wannabe.

Rachel: Why can’t Sara just disappear into the vortex of forgotten PLL characters? What purpose does she serve? I just want Sara to go away for good.

Yana: Never cared about her but it's like they are dragging her story out for no reason. She never made much sense, which might explain why she is getting this story. We have to buy into her and her motivations, which means she isn't going away any time soon. 

Meaghan: Her shower must be broken so now she is back to torture us with her presence. Let's call a plumber and send her back to where she belongs. Have the writers actually deluded themselves into thinking that any viewer actually likes or cares about her character?

Will Aria say yes to Ezra's big proposal?

Jay: Probably not. At least not right away. Whatever is going on with that call from Nicole, and with Aria covering up a murder, she's going to think that there's too many secrets between them.

Rachel: Like Jay, I don’t think she’ll say yes right away. Aria will probably give Ezra an excuse about how she needs time to think over her decision. Most likely, Aria will say yes though. 

Yana: Not right away. She will be worried that her possibly going to jail means their relationship won't work. And I'm sure that this stalling tactic will give them time to place another obstacle in the way once her guilt over Rollin's death is squared away. 

Meaghan: Ezria is Marlene's favorite couple so regardless of if she says yes at this exact moment, they will be married before the show is over. However it definitely is going to throw a wrench in things when Nicole pops back up. They never found her body and now someone is calling from her phone? Yeah she is for  sure alive. So I expect a few more back and forths before they officially tie the knot.

Should Spencer give up on Caleb?

Jay: Spencer's never been one to quit.

Rachel: Yes, but it’s not going to happen. Spencer is going to continue to seek out Caleb’s whereabouts so that she can tell him how she feels.

Yana: Yes. Caleb has been extremely iffy this season. I thought I was rooting for Hanna and him but after watching him try to win Spencer back just because his other choice didn't pan out, he doesn't deserve either of them.

I don't want to start questioning why Spencer is this attached to Caleb since it never made sense to me. But maybe she will figure out that she should move on because their relationship was doomed from the start. She is too invested than he was, and now it's just a mess of bad timing and bad decisions. 

Meaghan: Yes. If he is gonna be with anyone it is going to be Hanna. However, I don't know what it has been about these past couple seasons but I've definitely been questioning on and off whether Caleb may actually be the big bad.

Isn't it convenient that after Caleb disappears, Rollins' credit card is used in another state? Not to mention he fits the tech savvy profile. At this point I'm definitely down to it being either Wren, Lucas, Caleb, or Spencer's twin that I am still hoping pops up.

Could Noel be double crossing Jenna?

Jay: Could Noel be double crossing everyone? We still don't know why he was helping Alison when she was on the run, where he's been, or truly anything about him.

Rachel: Noel has always been hard to figure out. Like Jay mentioned, we still don’t know why he agreed to help Ali out all those years. I’m just happy another familiar face is back.

Yana: Maybe. I don't know how I feel about him but he is nice to look at so I don't mind the confusion.

Meaghan: I'm with Yana. Noel Kahn can do whatever he likes as long as he gives us that winning smile and stares into the camera with those eyes.

Why are the villains making it clear they're together this time round?

Jay: They just don't even care anymore. Why hide from these girls when they are all adults now and can torment them in person? The bitchfests are even better this way.

Rachel: They have nothing to lose. They enjoy seeing the liars squirm trying to figure out their motives.

Yana: I agree with Jay and Rachel. They might even be proud of their actions as opposed to before when they felt like they had to keep it all a secret. Hiding in plain sight might give them a new form of satisfaction.

Meaghan: We are all in agreement. These villains have nothing left to lose. It's time for the final battle and everyone is showing their cards. If only Shower would crawl back into the gutter and make way for one of the OG villains like Melissa, Lucas, or Mona. BTW, did this scene remind anyone else of the "Queens of Darkness" from Once Upon a Time?

Grade Season 7 so far!

Jay: D. While the plot is good, and the characters are better than they've been in awhile, this is supposed to be the season of answers and so far we've got nothing. There's only 15 episodes left, and that is not nearly enough time to wrap up all of the loose ends this show has never answered.

Rachel: C-. They’re still focusing on who killed Charlotte and have yet to mention Jessica’s murder. There are a lot of plot holes they need to be filled if season 7 is the end of PLL.

Yana: C. They might have promised us answers but I have learned over the years not to trust that. The relationship aspect sucks the most but theliars keep convincing me to keep watching. There is something about the main five that sticks with you. 

Meaghan: C-. I'm invested in this show until the end and I think that this season has a lot of potential but it feels like the story lines are moving forward at a snails pace. Like everyone else, I need the show to give all the answers before the end. Also, did the writers forget about the original flash forward scene?

Ali made it clear this episode that she is going by her maiden name again so even if she returns to teaching that will be what she is using. In the original flashforward where the other Liars tell her "he is here" she is writing her name as Mrs Rollins. Hoping this is not going to be yet another thing the writers forget about with the show coming to a close.

What did you think of the episode?

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