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Hanna tells the gals that she feels like something isn't right and she thinks Elliot somehow survived. This leads to shocked reactions from the rest of the girls, who were curious about why she thought that. 

Alison appeared, wearing the jacket and let the girls know that she knows everything. Spencer stormed after her and let her know they did it for a reason. 

She goes home with Ali when the police officer is there. He informs them that he thinks Elliot is after them and that police will be watching her. 

Hanna gets a phone call on the burner phone and it's apparently from Elliot. She is horrified and meets up with Aria. They confide in one another about what's been going on in their lives. 

Spencer meets up with Caleb and they confirm the end of their relationship. 

Emily takes a drink to Jenna's room and finds out that Jenna helped Elliot get the job at Welby and that Charlotte was her friend. 

Alison is attacked by the police officer, but the real police arrive on the scene. 

Later, Sara is murdered by an unknown assailant. 

Spencer and Hanna go dig to see if Rollins' body is there. It is. 

A recorded them.

Pretty Little Liars
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