Zoo Season 2 Episode 5 Review: The Moon and the Star

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They really did it.

Things were a little bit confusing surrounding the promotion of Zoo Season 2 Episode 4. The official trailer said something like, "One of these people won't make it to the end of the hour," and proceeded to show shots including the main characters, as well as that wooded fiasco with the money thugs.

So when the money thugs wound up bear, wolf and tiger chow (or something) and Chloe's life was hanging in the balance when the credits rolled, Chloe could have been safe.

Off To Caraquet - Zoo

No such luck.

At the beginning of Zoo Season 2 Episode 5, Chloe barely had time to mutter the words Caraquet and courier (if we learned what the latter means by now, well, I was too damned involved to hear it) before drifting away as a heartbroken Jackson cried above her.


Poor Jackson. They had that one sweet, free moment of kissing before the most terrible cocktail party that split them apart forever. That was it. (BTW...Did you see his black tears? Wouldn't that make his eyes a bit charcoal stained around the edges? Just saying.)

It wasn't surprising that Jackson took his anger and sadness out on Dariela, but it was surprising when he later had an about face, asking her to join the team.

Dariela's a smart cookie, though. She knew exactly why Jackson wanted her to stick around. To put a bullet in his brain when and if he goes full Kovacs. He knows nobody else will have the heart to do it.

And, damn, even Abe, who was sweet on Dariela until the Chloe situation, essentially told her he couldn't even be her friend any longer.

Abe: I'm sorry, but when I look at you now, all I see is the fact that Chloe is no longer with us.
Dariela: And I have to live with that.

Dariela is sticking around because of the very short-lived friendship she made with Chloe, because she feels guilty as hell, and because she now has a burning need to see this thing through to the end, kind of like Chloe did.

But can you imagine being on that plane when everybody hates you and blames you? That would suck.

At least there is now a newbie on board. Mitch's stepmom!

It's always good to see Warehouse 13 vet Joanne Kelly, and Allison arrived under pretty good circumstances. The news about the food supply dwindling since nobody wants to eat meat was interesting, and we got a nice new (and gory) mystery to solve.

It was a little bit confusing why Mitch was saying the "glass" looked like skin under the microscope when it very clearly looked like snakeskin (did I miss hear what he was saying?), but the effect of Poor Bill being choked by and gagging up the snake was luscious.

OK. I'm a cheesy horror freak. I think we've already established that. 

It's a bit worrisome that this band of marauding misfits seems to be tasked with discovering the cures for the entire ailing world. The odds are trees all over are meeting their doom with the same glass like substance. 

How fast can Mitch work, for goodness sakes?

Meanwhile, back at the worst refuge center ever Jamie and Logan were met with a faux-welcome as a nasty woman named Drew, who appeared to have the people at her heels, upheld the status quo just long enough to get to the vote for feeding time.

It was just as the commercial showed it would be. They were living under a delusion that if they fed two of their people to the animals every once in a while, they wouldn't be harmed. 

Well, when push came to shove, I only saw six polar bears out there, and two teeny girls couldn't possibly have been enough to satisfy them. Then again, it was obviously just sport to the bears, because they weren't even running to their meal.

I was really hoping we'd find out that Jamie was just like Jackson (the snake didn't attack him, just as the animals didn't attack Jamie in the woods), but she and Logan diverted the bears and drove them to the poor, huddled masses before we could see if they'd attack her specifically.

And if anybody wondered if Jamie could do what needs to be done on any given day (like shoot Jackson), she sure had no trouble practically squeezing Drew's head in between the bus doors before she left Drew out there as bear brisket. 

Jamie and Mitch have been reunited. Will everything be the same with them now? Will there be awkward moments? They sure looked happy in each other's arms as the credits rolled.

It was another fun hour of Zoo, even if it was tinged with death. When you're fighting to save the world, people have to die. I'm glad they're not afraid to shake things up. 

Hit the comments with your thoughts. Surprised Chloe bit the dust? What's next for everyone? 

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The Moon and the Star Review

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Zoo Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Mitch: Somebody else want to step in now?
Jackson: I do. We've been flying around on your step mother's plane, and you didn't bother to tell us?

Abe: I'm sorry, but when I look at you now, all I see is the fact that Chloe is no longer with us.
Dariela: And I have to live with that.