Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Who Murdered Sara?!?

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Were you prepared to say goodbye to Sara Harvey?

That was a huge question after Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 6 for our panelists. 

Below, TV Fanatics Rachel Miller, Yana Grebenyuk and Jay Ruymann are joined by super fan, Meaghan. Join in as they discuss that big death, Sara's intentions and how long it will be before Haleb gets back together.

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of Sara Harvey's death?

Meaghan: There was definitely some applause on my couch. And when I say applause I really mean squealing, cheering and thanking Jesus. Poor Shower Harvey. At least AD was kind enough to let her take one more shower.

Rachel: It was quite comical that Sara was found in the tub with the shower on. Now that’s she’s dead, we’ll most likely get some answers about why she stuck around in Rosewood. 

Yana: I didn't like that another member of the LGBT community died simply because they weren't written in a way where they might have mattered much to the audience. Sara Harvey didn't give us much to be invested in but I am hoping that her death will push the plot forward, if only for the girls.

Jay: Ding, dong, the bitch is dead! At least she found peace in the shower, her only home.

Is Sara really good?

Meaghan: Shower Harvey was always a very misguided attempt at a villain so it didn't surprise me that all of a sudden she is shown to have some good in her. But let's also not forget that Emily Fields has a magic vajayjay, so this goodness might have been solely directed at her.

Rachel: I’m still iffy on this. I just don’t understand how Sara willingly helped Charlotte torture girls she didn’t even know.

Yana: Sara was never written solidly in my mind. I may be too caught up in my theories but I always wondered if maybe she was a substitute for someone else that they decided to replace at the last second. Sara could have been good with a few faults, like torturing strangers, or she could have only had some good in her when it came to a love interest. We may never really know the truth.

Jay: Is anyone in Rosewood really "good" and not working for themselves?

How long before Haleb gets back together?

Meaghan: I give it until the summer finale. They are on a collision course headed straight for each other so it's only a matter of time. What I did find interesting about this episode was Spencer telling Hanna to tell Caleb about her engagement being called off. That was the first time I have felt like she was the old Spencer all season. With her basically giving her blessing there shouldn't be anything holding them back.

Rachel: It won’t be too long. Eventually, all of the old ships will somehow find their ways back to one another. Hanna and Caleb never stopped loving each other, even though they both were involved in other relationships.

Yana: I was surprised that it didn't happen right after Spencer told Hanna to share with Caleb what really happened with her and Jordan. It's all coming together quickly so I give it two episodes max. I wish I could still root for them but Spencer, Caleb and Hanna have all flipped their decisions so many times that I just can't find it in me to care anymore. 

Jay: I hope never.

Do you believe Mary is innocent?

Meaghan: Mary most likely is a red herring. She does seem genuine, or at least as much as anyone else in Rosewood. There is no way that she is AD and although she might be helping him, right now I will give her the benefit of the doubt.

Rachel: She seems sincere. I’m glad Alison asked Mary about the gaps in her story. There’s still a lot about Mary we haven’t found out yet, hopefully, she’s actually a good person. 

Yana: Probably. I'm sure it would be too obvious for her to be involved now. But I do agree with Meaghan that Mary could be helping AD to some extent. 

Jay: I want to believe that she is. The actress is doing such a great job, Mary seems to be such a deep character. I wish they would've introduced her sooner so we could see more of Mary Drake; she's a great character and breath of fresh air.

What will the liars do next?

Meaghan: Other than make more stupid mistakes? I couldn't believe that the idiots went back and dug up Rollins' body. After being stalked for years now they should realize that there is always a possibility that someone is watching. Hopefully Shower's death after warning Emily will light a fire under these girls and make them more proactive in finding this new threat.

Rachel: Like Meaghan, these girls keep making the same stupid mistakes. You’d think they’d learn to smarten up by now. Eventually, the truth about Rollins’ death will be revealed and the girls will have to face the consequences. 

Yana:  Why did it matter if Rollins was dead or alive, either way those girls were f***ed but now they made it even worse for themselves. He was either alive and trying to kill Alison, or he was dead and they were murderers. They really aren't thinking clearly right now so I have no clue what they will do next. Probably something without thinking that will wind up worse for them in the end. 

Jay: I'd be surprised if one of them doesn't go to prison for Rollins' murder. With the FBI circling and A.D. angry, which I guess we can now assume A.D. is the one who killed Charlotte, and tried to kill Emily, these girls are going to go down. Hard.

What did you think of this episode? 

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