Suits: Renewed for Season 7!

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Sometimes a little time in prison sets sets things straight.

We're standing by that statement, as it appears to have worked for Suits. Suits just got the green light for a seventh season at USA Network!

Suits Season 7 will air sometimes in 2017 and will consist of 16 episodes, most likely resulting in a split season delivery.

War of Words - Suits Season 5 Episode 15

If you've been watching (and we know you have), the entire premise of the series finally caught up to the Suits gang at the end of Suits Season 5.

That resulted in Mike paying the ultimate price during Suits Season 6, which is now airing.

OK. That might be a bit harsh. ONE of the ultimate prices. He's not dead!

Mike is in prison.

Thankfully, he wasn't given prison orange, because it's truly not his color.

In prison blues, however, he looks good, and Mike's singing the tune. 

When you work with a man like Harvey Specter, the odds are you might run into a fellow or two behind bars with a score to settle.

It only takes one of those men to do some damage, and from the very moment Mike got into prison, he's been on the wrong side of Frank Gallo.

It's not as if Harvey hasn't had his hands full with Pearson Specter Litt, either.

The entire firm is gone. Everyone but the IT guy left. The offices are empty.

They have to rebuild. The team consists of Harvey, Jessica, Louis, Rachel and Donna. Gretchen, bless her heart, returned to help.

While they are trying to get new clients to keep their office space, Harvey is trying to keep Mike safe in prison.

While Mike is trying to stay safe in prison, Rachel is trying to move on with her life and become a lawyer, while everyone knows her fiance was a fake.

Louis has to learn that there are some things more important than his breakfast bars, like keeping the lights on and renting space.

These stories, the likes of which Suits has never tackled before have breathed new life into the series and taken our beloved characters to dizzying new heights.

And we're only on Suits Season 6 Episode 5, airing tonight at 9/8c on USA Network!

Congrats the the entire creative team and the actors for all their hard work bringing to us another amazing season. We know the bar has just been raised.

Suits Season 7 is coming, and it will be incredible!

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Sometimes good guys gotta do bad things to make the bad guys pay.


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