The Flash Season 3: Joey King on Tap as Magenta

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Who doesn't like hot pink?

Joey King will be joining The Flash Season 3 as Francis "Frankie" Kane, a teen with a troubled past.

She's a metahuman with the ability to control metal...but her powers have a dangerous side effect, which gives life to her villainous alter ego, Magenta.

Joey King

King is best known for her movie roles in Independence Day: Resurgence and Wish I Was Here, also starred in Fargo on FX.

If you haven't seen her in any of those, but she still looks familiar, she bears a striking resemblance to her older sister, Hunter King, who stars in both The Young and the Restless and Life in Pieces.

They're a very talented family!

In the comics, Frankie Kane was an ex-girlfriend of Wally West. Does this mean we're going to delve more into the life Wally had while he was living with his mother?

Powerful Kid Flash - The Flash

Or will Frankie be a byproduct of the Flashpoint storyline, and a result of the life Wally appears to be living as Kid Flash, one which we will be getting to know (hopefully intimately) as Flashpoint progresses and before it's set straight.

With the original Rogues going on to form a Legion of Doom to raise hell across the Flarrowverse, it seems like we might be building our second gallery.

So far we have Mirror Master (Grey Damon) and Dr. Alchemy (who is yet to be cast), the latter of which is promised to be one of the season's big bads, in addition to King's Magenta.

Will he be leading this new band of Rogues? Getting into another set of comics, there are a lot more Rogues to bring to the canvas.

What's going to be really exciting about all of this is we have no idea how the team will come together to fight off these bad guys.

They're untested in our world, because Barry screwed it up. Again. There are new players, and even our old tried and true favorites have had completely different lives bringing them to places they've never been before. They're much different people.

How long will it even take Barry to snap out of his reverie and realize the mistake he's made saving his mother's life? 

The word is he'll be so happy with his parents alive, the three of them living in one house, he may just be oblivious to what's going on around him. Not that it's all that surprising.

That oblivious nature is one of Barry's worst traits and is what got him here in the first place. It's the opposite of Wally, who was always wondering about others and why he'll likely make a good hero.

Will Wally take an old girlfriend and use some of his own flash team contacts to help cure an old girlfriend? I'd like to see him with a set of his own friends. Maybe Joey King will stick around a while as Frankie.

What are your thoughts? Hit the comments and don't forget you can watch The Flash online anytime to catch up!

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