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Which doctor became a patient?

We found out the answer to that pretty quickly on Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 1 and Bailey attempted to figure out what happened.

Meanwhile on this addictive drama series, Meredith harbored secrets about Maggie and Alex. 

Also, Catherine and April butted heads over the new baby, but who spoke up to get the two of them to sort out their differences?

Use the video above to watch Grey's Anatomy online to get up to speed with all the drama for the doctors of Seattle Grace hospital.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 1 Quotes

April: Her name is Harriet.
Catherine: Harriet?
April: Um-hmm
Catherine: Oh, I like it. Tubman.
April: Exactly. Tubman, also The Spy, which is a very good book.

Richard: You drank too much. You screwed up, and now everything is crashing down around you.
Jo: Just go.
Richard: Well you came to the right guy because I have done it more than you ever will, and I can tell you from experience, with a little coffee and sunlight, the troubles will get smaller and the world will keep standing. I promise.