The Flash Season 3 Episode 4 Review: The New Rogues

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Harry left us on The Flash Season 3 Episode 4. He didn't die, but he went home. He didn't want to go home as much as he acted like he did, and I think he'll be back. But still. Quit taking our Wellses away!

But, wait! There's more.

Jesse was suited up in her hand-me-downs and learning lessons from Barry. 

It really, really bothers me she's wearing the recycled suit of Trajectory. Rip the flashy thing off the front and its the same suit. In fact, I've put together a poll that appears at the bottom of the review in case you're skeptical. She deserves her own suit. A heroic suit, not a former villain's attire.

But Jesse's a pretty cool chick and was eager to learn the heroic ropes. Like all heroes in training, she was a little too excited and thought she was ready for more than she was, finding herself in a little trouble here and there.

The Top: Jesse Quick. Quick to run, quick to fall.
Jesse [takes her out]: Quick to learn.

But she was quick to learn, and I'm sure she'll do fine over on Earth-2, especially with her dad looking out for her. 

Once Wally took the intergalactic love plunge, though, how will the two of them stay in touch? (Wally isn't even thinking of his own speed anymore.) I don't think we really need these folks to go HOME so much as to move to another town, nearby. 

Why the drama with moving back home? They like it here. Heck, Harry was downright irritable about the possibility of leaving. Jesse thinks to be a speedster in her own right, she needs her own earth. I'm hoping there are more than four or five cities on these weird planets. Barry never leaves Central City. There isn't another city Jesse Quick could patrol?

Wally and Jesse are so cute. They're the first pair that felt natural from the onset. Certainly they have a future. 

I suppose Harry and Jesse need to be out of communication so this HR fellow can come in and stir up trouble. He's a bad guy. They should have stuck with Harry's gut instinct. Trouble with a capital T.

Is he bringing in the aliens that are coming to make a mess of Earth-1? Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow are all going to be titled "Invasion" to push home the point on the big crossover event.

So did HR come on through early to make things cushy for the Dominators? What are the freakin' odds a Harrison Wells was wrapped up in this stuff? Well, it saves on casting, that's for sure. 

It was fun seeing Tom Cavanagh play the different versions of his character because he's always fun to watch. After the HR portion of the story wraps (because what are the odds he's staying given the trailer for The Flash Season 3 Episode 5, which you can watch below?), do you think Harry will return or that they'll use his fishing reel to find yet another Wells on another earth?

"The New Rogues" was a strange title for the hour, even if Mirror Master and The Top survived to fight another day. It wasn't the best showing for them. They just wanted to take over the city. Yet it seemed love was more on their mind than anything else.

It was on the minds of Iris and Barry, too.

Barry: What?
Iris: You're just really handsome.

I'm really enjoying Iris. Whether it was the timeline change or Candice Patton just said 'enough is enough, Iris is getting some respect this season,' it's working. She's strong, she's to the point, and she's not messing around when it comes to her relationship with Barry.

They got real and had some sweet together time on the couch. But Barry still frakked it up by flashing away when Joe came home. I mean, laying on top of Iris kissing might have been a little awkward for their first time seen, but they could have just moved a little and continued with the night. 

Or they might have thought about going to Iris' place. Why haven't they gone over there? Whatever the reason, it won't matter, as Barry is moving out. That will also give room to Joe to accept dinner with Celine, his new work friend.

That was a nice surprise and a long time coming. Let's get Joe a social life!

And, finally, we saw just how strong Caitlin is being overcome by her powers. She seems to have some control over them, as she helped Barry out of the mirror with a nice finesse. 

But later, when she got a shower, she didn't even notice the temperature was dropping so dramatically that the water froze right out of the shower head. That would suck, you guys. 

Is she going to show up at work with dark red lipstick every day now? She's obviously going to have chunks of hair missing. Will it start happening spontaneously? Will Harry come back to tell the gang he's sussed it out and that the freezing must have come from Cait and somehow thwart the "Invasion!"??

No, it doesn't mean Caitlin has to go bad and turn rogue because she's a Frost, but she's going to look so hot when she's that cold. I'm looking forward to it. 

Until we have need for a Killer Frost vs Cait Frost poll, let's vote on Jesse Quick v Trajectory. Maybe Jesse will get her own costume on Earth-2.

Who Wore It Better???

And the Winner is?

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And you can take a look at the upcoming episode, where we're introduced to the "Monster" inside of HR (maybe he's wearing a disguise!) below and watch The Flash online and chat about all things The Flash. Was I not appreciative enough of Mirror Master and The Top? Tell me why! Tell me everything. 

The New Rogues Review

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The Flash Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Barry: What?
Iris: You're just really handsome.

Caitlin: The team doesn't feel complete without Harrison Wells.
Harry: Then change that. There's a whole multiverse of Harrison Wells out there at your fingertips. Want one? Let's go get one.