Quantico Round Table: A Surprising Allegiance

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On Quantico Season 2 Episode 6, Nimah revealed herself to be working with the terrorists in the future. She's the latest of familiar and trustworthy faces who we've learned are working with the group. This makes you wonder if maybe the terrorists aren't as bad as we initially thought.

Of course, there's still the decapitation of the First Lady and Lee's death to consider, so it's unlikely that this is some Robin Hood, prince among thieves, situation going on. 

Below, TV Fanatics Jasmine Peterson and Allison Nichols, along with TV Fanatic reader Meaghan Frey,  share their theories on what the terrorists are after, what landed Owen in federal prison, and much more. Join the discussion by leaving your thoughts in the comments.

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Lee's dead, and now the terrorists are going after Diana. The connection? They visited the same place. Any theories as to what the terrorists are up to?

Jasmine: I have no idea! I'm starting to think the terrorists aren't entirely bad, but then I remember they decapitated the First Lady and damn near decapitated Lee too. Even if they're in a grey area, it's dark grey. Charcoal grey.

If these Farm lessons have taught us anything, it's that things aren't necessarily how they seem, and morally questionable things are done for a greater good. What if they're a rogue extremist group completely eradicating all the shady agents, politicians and diplomats for a new world order or something. I have no idea.

Meaghan: I'm wondering if there was a common mission they both were part of that the terrorists are getting revenge for. It just seems like there are too many potential CIA agents in one room for it to be not related to the CIA.

Allison: Ooo, I like your theory Meaghan! I definitely think the terrorists believe, or maybe know, that Lee and Diana did something for the CIA in their layover. It’s either that or Diana and Lee unknowingly saw something they shouldn’t have. I’m honestly just so glad we are seeing the terrorists do something other than rotate the hostages.

Nimah's working with the terrorists. Does this make you like less of Nimah or does it make you think that the AIC isn't that bad?

Jasmine: Nimah and I already have a complicated love/not-so-love relationship that she knows nothing about. But I'm thinking if she's involved, it can't be that bad, or there's an angle being worked here or something. I just remember how self-righteous she was last season when Raina was sympathetic to the radical Islamist.

Meaghan: Now that we know both Nimah and Miranda are on their side, it seems obvious that there has to be more to it. It all just seems to be coming back to the CIA. Maybe their goal is to expose the corruption within the CIA. They clearly know who the CIA agents are as they have segregated them, but Nimah said that she thinks Diana is one of them. Nimah already knows Diana is CIA, so there seems to be a specific group within the CIA they are looking for.

Maybe these terrorists are actually the ones looking for the AIC. Can we please also discuss the fact that Ryan still is "missing”? Last season I was convinced Ryan was a terrorist and I'm right back at it again this season.

Allison: There’s definitely something we’re missing. Like Jasmine says, if Nimah is involved the group can’t be that bad. I just can’t get over the killing of the First Lady and of Lee. This, to me, says that their mission isn’t completely righteous, and if we are to believe Lydia about the drives being a target, then you have to wonder what the terrorists want with the drives.

Perhaps they want to use whatever intel Lee and Diana give them to match with the drives or vice versa. I’m thinking that the terrorists might have locked Ryan up in a room somewhere because they knew that he might have been able to tell that Nimah was in the room and not Raina.

Lydia revealed that Owen is in federal prison, and Alex is partially if not totally responsible for putting him there. What's your theory on what happened?

Jasmine: Well since Owen is desperate to get back into field, and Alex can't stand idly by and watch something happen if she thinks it's wrong, I'm gathering the two of them clash over Owen's poor judgment in something, and Alex turns him in.

Meaghan: Seeing as Alex's whole mission is to figure out who is behind the AIC, I'm gonna bet that she got him put away for being the one behind it. If this is the case I'd be almost positive that he isn't actually the man behind the curtain.

Allison: I can see the AIC framing Owen, and Alex falling for it. I can also see her getting nosy and alerting the CIA or someone that Owen is digging into whatever he’s digging into. Owen is doing some digging into the CIA and the circumstances that led to him being outed in the press, which I doubt the CIA will be okay with.

What did you think of the lesson of the week at the Farm?

Jasmine: I kind of already had the feeling that regardless of whether or not the gang came to a consensus, Owen was going to make the call anyway. In fact, I'm more surprised that none of them figured that out. I maybe would have been invested more if we saw them actually doing the work leading up to it.

It felt like a quick way to tie into the anniversary, and Simon's death and all that. Which, I actually liked Simon last year, but it really bugs me that they act like Simon was the only one they lost, and Drew and Natalie's deaths somehow don't matter.

Meaghan: It was a lesson that they needed to learn. Unfortunately that is a reality of the CIA. They are forced to make decisions based on incomplete information at times in order to protect the greater good. If they wait to know that someone is 100% no doubt guilty, then they would leave room for many bad things to happen.

Allison: I didn’t care for the mission. It wasn’t exciting to me, and all it showed was that no matter where you go, peer pressure is always something you have to watch out for. Like Jasmine, I didn’t enjoy that this mission tied into Simon’s death.

Who is your pick for MVP of the week?

Jasmine: It will probably be the same person every week. Harry. I just really, really enjoy Harry, even when he's being an ass. He, Alex, and Ryan came to a truce, and he made a joke about his own ears. How can you not love that guy?

Meaghan: Harry. I really hope he becomes an addition to the regular cast after this season. We are in need of male characters.

Allison: Harry wins my vote as well! I really love how he doesn’t buy Ryan and Alex’s BS. Harry is making their undercover assignment a lot more interesting and thrilling.

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