Supernatural Round Table: Mary Needs More Time?

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Sam and Dean at a hunter gathering?

Might as well gather the Supernatural Round Table of TV Fanatic’s Christine Laskodi and Sean McKenna and The Winchester Family Business’ Alice and Nightsky to talk Supernatural Season 12 Episode 6.

The return of Jody and Mary was a sight to see, as were some new hunters added to the mix. And was that a scary demon again?

Strap in and let’s discuss “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox.”

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene or quote?

Nightsky: I loved this entire episode! It’s one of those that I want to restart and watch again as soon as it’s over.

I loved Sam slouching on the couch and Jody’s reactions when she met Mary. That was played absolutely perfectly by Kim Rhodes. I also liked the twins asking Elvis to leave. How often do we wish we could say that to someone awkward at a party! Sam’s touching, insightful conversation with Mary was emotionally spot-on.

If I have to pick a favorite, I’ll go with Sam and Mary putting their arms around each other as they walked toward Baby at the end of the episode.

Christine: I have to agree with Nightsky. There were SO many great moments to choose from. The entire episode was loaded with small laugh-out-loud jokes and little emotional punches. I think for me, I really loved the conversation between Asa's mom and Mary. She pulled no punches in placing blame on Mary for Asa becoming a hunter.

Alice: It’s a tie! First scene, it was Dean and Sam’s conversation about how stories have been told about them. Dean’s words to Sam about Asa dying on the job really hit home. I loved how he pointed to the newspaper clippings on Asa’s wall and said, “This only ends one way.” It’s a big reminder that no matter what we hope for, the end for the Winchesters will be bloody. The fact Dean still believes that and Sam still hopes for a better outcome goes back to the early days. 

The second scene was Jody’s words to Dean about how much she would give for her husband and son to be alive, but she knows that it would scare the hell out of her because it probably wouldn't work out the way she wanted. It certainly puts the situation with Mary in perspective!

Sean: Those are some good choices. I really liked when Dean first when to grab a beer, said the magic word “wendigo” and then revealed he was a Winchester to the enthusiasm of the other hunters. Just getting into the fact that stories are told about them was entertaining.

What did you think of the hunters Sam and Dean met during the episode? Any favorites?

Nightsky: I really enjoyed meeting so many new characters! I suspect we were introduced to the American/Canadian hunting community so they could somehow be involved in the looming showdown with the British Men of Letters. I liked Bucky a lot so I’m hoping he gets a chance to redeem himself in the upcoming battle. I especially liked the witch twins. I strongly believe we will be seeing them and their magic again. 

Christine: The more and more they expand the hunter universe, the more and more I want a hunter spin-off. The twins were fun, I'd like to see their story develop more. I'm really hoping we see them again.

Alice: I liked most of them. I just like the idea of hunters gathering together again and telling stories about each other. I wondered what would happen if a group of hunters met the infamous “Winchesters.” It was nice to see that. Overall though, there were none that I’d be willing to see again. One didn’t stand out over another. I think Asa’s mother was the most interesting of the bunch.

Sean: I was skeptical at first. But I wound up pleased with the hunters for the most part, especially the twins. They were just intriguing and I liked how they played off each other. Elvis on the other hand, not a fan.

Will we see that crossroads demon again?

Nightsky: I don’t think so. Now that you mention it, they went out of their way to give us a great deal of backstory on him so that’s curious. Still, I didn’t think he was that memorable or scary. I rather hope he was just a one-time thing.

Christine: I doubt it. He served his purpose, and it was finished. We've seen a lot of crossroads demons. I think telling his backstory was important for this episode to get to that conclusion, but not something that could lend to more appearances.

Alice: Ugh, I hope not. That demon was the one part of the episode I didn’t care for. I do like seeing a demon go off on his own especially with all the chaos going on in Hell right now, but he just turned out to be another mustache twirler. Taking on a room of hunters and being exorcised so easily?  Lame. I still lament over how demons have been watered down on this show.

Sean: I thought he was at least scarier than demons have been played recently. I’m bored of the ones that just wear suits and scurry around afraid of Crowley. As for this particular one, I’m OK if he’s a one and done.

Is Billie going to have a bigger role to play this season?

Nightsky: I like Billie very much. She has a commanding presence that dominates and shapes every scene she’s in. Nothing that’s happened so far hints at her having a leading role in the season’s arc, though.

She left the door open by inviting the Winchesters to call her name when they need her so maybe she’ll be an ally in some grand plan (as she was in the Supernatural Season 11 finale). I’m curious what the other reviewers think because I really want Billie to stick around as a friend instead of an enemy.

Christine: Well, now that we know she wants Mary, I'm positive that she will. Her words about keeping things dead were more of a warning - Sam and Dean have escaped a lot of times, but we don't know that Mary has their luck.

Alice: I have no reason to believe that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy to see her and want to see a bigger role. But once again her appearance served no real purpose in the overall scheme of things. She was just there.

I get she took interest in this situation since Mary was there as well as Sam and Dean, but these random appearances aren’t doing much for her character. The writers need to do better with her other than the whole “the reaper is waiting” theme.

Sean: I’m curious by her character, but it never seems like she does much other than appear to say a few lines and then peace out. I expected her to play a bigger role before, but that didn’t pan out. Her appearance during this hour was interesting, but I’m not sure if the writers have anything planned for her. I’d just like to see her have more to do.

Were you surprised Mary said she still needs a little more time away?

Nightsky: I was really disappointed because I love having her in the story but it makes sense from a balance perspective. Her solo road trip keeps her in the plotline without diverting attention away from Sam and Dean. I got a terrible, sinking feeling when she said “just a little more time,” though.

Those are always the famous last words before some horrible thing happens to a character. I completely expect that the next time we see her will be the beginning of her real story arc — either her being possessed, or chased by Lucifer or whatever her ultimate purpose this season will be. 

Christine: I was also disappointed. Like Nightsky, I picked up on that "little more time" thing, too. That's always a sign that something bad will happen. I understand why Mary needs her time away, but I think the longer she's away, the more tension it causes. I really felt for Dean when Mary showed up for Asa's funeral, but only sent her sons a text a week. Eventually, Dean and Mary are going to have it out. 

Alice: No, because that’s the writers knowing that Samantha Smith is only a guest star and not available to be with Sam and Dean all the time. It feels so contrived, and it makes me think they’re setting up Sam and Dean for yet another heartbreak. I have big trust issues with the writers (still bitter about last season) so I’m trying not to get too attached to Mary unless they make her a part of the cast.

Sean: I think that’s my problem, the fact that she’s a guest star and that’s how the writers have to write for her. She can’t be in every episode so they have to come up with a way to keep her around without keeping her around. And that’s disappointing.

I understand her needing time off, but frankly, I’m surprised she said she needed more. I thought this would bring her back into the fold. But I guess she’s gotta skip a few episodes before she can be used again.

Sean McKenna was a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. He retired in May of 2017. Follow him on Twitter.

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