Supernatural Season 12 Episode 6 Review: Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox

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Well, Supernatural Season 12 Episode 6 was a far more interesting hour than Supernatural Season 12 Episode 5.

It did sneak in a joke about Dean killing Hitler, which was fine, but I was glad that it was used in such a minimal fashion.

Instead, “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox” felt much more in line with older Supernatural, hitting on some personal moments and dealing with a demon that was more than just a stammering suit-wearing follower to Crowley.

If anything, it was pretty great seeing more hunters. Sure, Sam and Dean are the stuff of legends, but they aren’t the only ones fighting the good fight. And when the Winchesters are dealing with big bads like Lucifer or the Darkness, there are plenty of others taking down wendigos and ghouls.

Remember when demons were big bads in of themselves? It does make you wonder how many hunters over the years have been clued into all the other crazy powerful supernatural beings that walk the Earth.

After all, Asa had his own angel blade.

And I actually liked the brief montage of Asa’s life, especially in that Mary Winchester inspired him to take up hunting.

It flipped things in making his life turn out to be something good, saving people, and not just bad like Mary had feared it would affect her kids. And we’ve seen what Sam and Dean have been able to do. They’ve turned out OK.

I was skeptical of seeing all the hunters together, but it turned out to be fine. I was intrigued by the twins that were raised by a witch. I’d be interested in seeing them again down the road.

It’s too bad the one hunter turned out to be a bad guy and Elvis, well, he seemed to be there just so the line of “Elvis has left the building” could be said. Sorry, Elvis.

But I was surprised that in dealing with the demon, the hunters came totally unprepared. Was all their stuff just in their cars? Were they not packing some weapons just in case?

And I’m not sure the twist that the hunter was the real bad guy was needed, but I guess it brought it back to a more human level. Still, having the demon take over the various hunters, including Jody, allowed them to have a little fun with their acting and play the bad guy and the good guy in the same episode.

Though, I did wonder for a second if Jody was going to get killed off by Mary.

I liked that Jody got a little backstory in with her relationship with Asa. It added a little something beyond just having Jody show up because she’s been on the show before.

Additionally, she had a great talk about Mary being back and how she might feel if her family came back. Mary’s return really is more than black and white.

That said, I wish Mary had decided to go home with Sam and Dean.

Yes, it was great to see her turn down Billie (seriously, Billie has to have some bigger role to play, right?), but I was surprised that she said she needed more time. Does her being away have to do with how many episodes the actor can be in in a season?

I hope we get more of Mary once she does finally return, but at least Sam and Dean both seemed to be OK with letting her have that little extra time.

Still, the episode ended on a rather positive note with the Winchesters getting breakfast together. It was a nice way to close things out after all the drama involving the hunters, and there wasn’t some last minute Mr. Ketch sighting.

Let’s just hope Mary comes back soon!

What did you think of the other hunters? Do you agree with Mary's decision? Sound off below, and be sure to watch Supernatural online at TV Fanatic!

Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox Review

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