Shooter Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Killing Zone

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And the high-stakes scavenger haunt continues. 

Who would have thought it would take this much to track down one shooter? We know about the special type of bullet and we even know about the specific rifle. 

It seems simple enough, but each episode another tidbit is dropped that changes things up and drags out the process. In Shooter Season 1 Episode 6 we find out that not only is it the specific bullet, but it was fired with a rare rifle, the Black King, and there are less than a handful of them in existence.

Searching For His Instructor - Shooter

William Fichtner guest starred as Bob Lee's former mentor O'Brien, and he was fantastic in the role. O'Brien made my heart hurt, giving the sadder side of a tormented, curmudgeon veteran who lost everything he loved and was isolated and alone. 

I ain't afraid to play God, boy.


Going off the tip the kid gave him in Shooter Season 1 Episode 5 Bob Lee was able to trace the bullet to O'Brien, assuming that he somehow sold the bullets to the real shooter. The problem is, O'Brien said he created his bullets where it didn't leave any trace of evidence so the bullets splintered once they hit their mark.

It's quite interesting hearing some of the discussions about bullets, rifles, and trajectories. My knowledge on the subject matter is limited and even though it feels a tad bit too much at times, the show seems to take care in covering the subject matter.

It felt like in addition to discussing the shooting situation, Bob Lee's time spent with O'Brien was a brief respite from all the craziness going on. He was able to show off his sharpshooting skills, and connect with this man who didn't appear to connect or let anyone in anymore.

Their bantering and bonding was nice to watch. 

You couldn't have gotten him before I got shot? I'm just sayin.


Then of course, all hell broke loose. I gotta give it to O'Brien, for all of his standoffish ways the man was ready and practically itching for a shootout.

He was positively gleeful at the prospect of being able to put his Black King to good use and take the men after Bob Lee down. Their partnership was fun to watch.

Shooter is at its best when they're giving us all the action scenes, and that shootout did not disappoint. It was positively thrilling and had me on the edge of my seat, because while I knew Bob Lee wouldn't be killed I was afraid O'Brien might.

When he got shot, I just knew he'd be a goner, but I was relieved that Bob Lee killed the last guy in time.

Bob Lee: What about all the bodies?
O'Brien: Nature'll take care of 'em. My guess is nobody will miss 'em.

But umm, how exactly is all of this supposed to play out when Bob Lee does in fact clear his name? He may not have killed the Ukrainian president, but the dude has killed a hell of a lot of people since then. 

The bodies are a racking up for Bob Lee, that can't be swept under the rug.

Did anyone else get a kick out of watching Payne and Nadine have their interrogation face-off? She has a point, he really does seem to be intrigued by her. 

What is it about me Jack? Do I remind you of your mother?


He really seemed to get off on their whole exchange, like they were playing a game of cat and mouse or something. 

I was surprised that he gave her Hugh's name. I know he's a bit of a loose cannon, and apparently Hugh knows this too based on his conversation about Isaac handling Payne, but he gave Hugh over with ease. 

After the way Hugh was acting, sending Isaac to shut down Payne, and then later on showing up at the FBI and having that heated exchange with Nadine and her boss, I fully didn't expect Payne to make it out of the episode alive.

I thought Hugh would have Payne killed, because it made sense if he was a loose cannon and liability. So when they carted him off, I thought he was a goner, but no, now he's in the wind.

The most interesting thing about this development, is with Payne in the wind and not exactly working with Hugh anymore, that leaves room for him to maybe put his perverse fascination with Nadine to good use and help the FBI.

Is anyone else wondering why Nadine and FBI still haven't caught on to Isaac yet? Nadine has at least spent time with Bob Lee, so why hasn't he told her about Isaac being a significant part of this?

He knows that Isaac was working with her to catch Bob Lee. Isaac has been lingering and inserting himself in all of Nadine's just seems odd to me that he still hasn't been found out. 

The only reason I signed up for any of this was because I thought we were serving a greater purpose.


A few great things came out of this episode. 

For one, Bob Lee finally knows about Donnie's mom. I was starting to get upset over the fact that no one realized she was missing and well, dead, yet. 

I'm also glad that Bob Lee is putting a stop to the secret visits with Julie and Mary. I cringed when they had their hookup in the last episode and this time they brought along Mary. It seems irresponsible and like they're unnecessarily putting themselves in jeopardy. 

Nadine's boss is finally supporting her! I couldn't be happier about this, because the girl needs some serious backup and help.

Also, Isaac is finally starting to reach a breaking point that could change the course of the season. He finally appears to be fed up with all the shenanigans and he's coming to grips with the fact that they're not doing good after all. 

He's questioning everything, and Hugh knows he's questioning everything, and it makes for an interesting predicament they both find themselves in. 

There are only four Black Kings out there and one of the people in possession of one of them has to be the shooter. Something tells me it won't be as simple as that. It never is. 

What did you guys think of the episode? Did you love William Fichtner guest starring? Do you think Isaac will finally flip on Hugh? Let us know in the comments below!

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Killing Zone Review

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