This Is Us Season 1 Episode 11 Review: The Right Thing to Do

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Jack and Rebecca might have been scared to death at the prospect of having triplets on the way, but they did pretty in the long run.

The conversation between Jabecca and the doctor on This Is Us Season 1 Episode 11 that exposed their new reality was very cute. Milo Ventimiglia somehow managed the perfect "is this guy crazy" laughter when the guy wondered what they'd think if he suggested they were having twins.

Their reactions to the truth just followed suit. It's hard to imagine an accidental pregnancy that resulted in twins, let alone triplets. But their laughter soon turned sour.

You're Lying - This Is Us Season 1 Episode 11

How quickly all of the excitement can turn to fear and anxiety. 

It is a bit of a cautionary tale, though. No lease signing until you are certain about the number of children on the way. A six-story walk up wouldn't be advisable with three babies in strollers.

We got hints of both Jack's father and Kate's mother, and neither of them were anything to write home about. 

At the very least, their love for each other held true, and they never became like the parents in whose footsteps they didn't want to follow.

Another funny moment from Jack (he was on fire):

Hey, did you know if you squint your eyes real hard and look at this bank statement, you can kind of see some extra zeros?


He was busy squinting right before he made the decision to reach out to the man he admired the least: his father. 

Right Reasons - This Is Us Season 1 Episode 11

I don't know what he had to swallow, exactly, to go to that man and admit he's everything his father ever said he would be, which is absolutely nothing or the equivalent of a loser.

But to get money to start the family he already loved more than his own life, he'd remove his wedding ring, swallow it and do the right thing.

And that's the kind of behavior he instilled in the kids he raised. They may not always have the perfect execution of doing the right thing, but they do it, nonetheless.

Kevin and Sloane - This Is Us

Kevin has a great relationship with Sloane. I don't think there is any doubt that he knows that.

Things are going great. The play is going well, he's found both professional and personal comfort.

Ron: I have to say, when Olivia disappeared and Kevin decided to self finance this play opposite the girl who wrote it, I said to myself, 'Ron old boy, you've won three Tony awards, and here you are, directing a failed sitcom actor's vanity project.'
Kevin: But, there's more? There's more.
Sloane: Oh good.
Ron: But now I have to admit, you two are great together. You're honest. You're raw. I think you two can pull this off.

It's unclear whether the director of the play was being an ass when he exclaimed they were lost without Olivia just after she turned up, but who cares? It's Kevin's play now. Dude is just paid to direct it.

And when Kevin was bouncing his thoughts off of Randall and Kate, he was doing just that. He was talking out loud and getting a feel for where he stands with everything, including the two women in his life.

But then he opened his mouth and said the wrong thing to Olivia.

The Right Thing - This Is Us Season 1 Episode 11

Sloane was standing there listening, and what she heard at first was beautiful. Kevin chose her, for the play and for his life. Until he said dating her was doing the right thing, even if he didn't want to.

That's not what he means. He looks too happy with Sloane to mean what she thinks she overheard, even though if I was her and without all the context, I'd think the same thing.

When I hear Kevin say that, I hear a guy saying the irrational side of himself might like to go for it with the crazy person. But the rational side of himself sees what he has with Sloane, and he's grown up. He's ready for a Sloane instead of an Olivia.

But now we have to wait to see if either of them can fix what just happened.

Everything with Randall learning how to cope with Jesse was wonderful. As always. 

The best part was his attempt to make conversation with Jesse by offering him a smooth whiskey, which he then rescinded in the same breath, as during his embarrassing diatribe he realized he was offering it to an addict.

But when Jesse told Randall he and William met on Tinder and Randall believed him, that was too good. Randall should have just answered the door with whiskey in hand, or better yet, done some shots before he arrived.

Let Go - This Is Us Season 1 Episode 11

The real discussion was about Randall losing his father, though. He thought William was running from the family and back into Jesse's arms. 

The truth of the matter was much different, and seeing William talk about his medication failing, making him feel worse, was heartbreaking. God, was your face all wrinkled up and emotional watching them play that scene out?

The most important thing to Randall is having his father in his life. He doesn't care if he's wearing dresses, fresh as a daisy or wilted in his last days, he just doesn't want to lose anymore time with the man. 

Of course, neither does Jesse, so I'm betting Kevin is going to have to take his leave to accommodate Jesse moving in to help with William's deteriorating health. That's a very fair trade.

If William's health is fading that quickly, will he be with us into This Is Us Season 2 (which has yet to be announced)? It's already difficult to imagine the show without him. 

But, miracles happen! After all, Toby's alive!!!

Not only is he alive, he's just a bad dancer. Arrhythmia. Hey, it was Toby's joke, not mine!

That's not all there was, however, as the Arrhythmia may have saved Toby's life down the road. Who knows what damage a hole in the heart can do if left untreated? 

Toby: I would totally marry you if that's something you're down with.
Kate: You would?
Toby: I'd marry the hell out of you, Kate Pearson.

I was really shocked to learn those crazy kids had never said "I love you" yet, nor that Kate had ever said it at all in her life to anyone but family. Well, she has now, and we have a wedding to plan.

We, listen to me. What am I, family?

Well, yes. As a matter of fact, I am. I feel like family, so I'm an honorary Pearson. Isn't that what we've all figured out by now? We're all Pearsons. 

Who can wait to get that engraved wedding invitation? I wonder what Randall's wedding was like. I can't wait to live that day again so we can find out. Maybe they'll all help Kate plan her big day. So exciting!

Anyway, I was worried that Toby's surgery may in some way impede what Kate was going to do for her bariatric surgery. It would be too difficult for them to take care of each other if both were under some sort of post operative care.

On This Is Us Season 1 Episode 12 (meaning only six episodes remain after that, but who's counting?), it's all about the events from the premiere, from a completely different perspective. Cool!

What did you think of "The Right Thing to Do"? If you are late to the party, you can watch This Is Us online to be a part of the family.

The Right Thing to Do Review

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This Is Us Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

William: I'm not gay NOW. I've always loved both women and men, and you know a lot of artists believe sexuality isn't fixed as it is fluid.
Randall: What's fluid:
Kevin: Oh, your bio dad. He's only half gay, as it turns out.
Randall: Hm. Dim sum. I was thinking of getting dim sum.

Yep. Triplets. Always a headache with triplets. Just glad they're your patients, not mine.

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