The Flash Season 3 Episode 18 Review: Abra Kadabra

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Killer Frost is back, and she's going to be a problem.

While The Flash Season 3 Episode 18 laid the groundwork throughout the hour, my jaw still hit the floor during the final scene.

Like Caitlin, I'd been lulled into a false sense of security. When Julian completed the surgery and the two made up, it seemed like the danger had passed.

Fast enough? - The Flash Season 3 Episode 18

But the hints were there. Cisco teasing her about being frosty. Caitlin saying she'd rather die than use her meta healing. The close-up of the Killer Frost headline on the board.

I have been wondering when and how the transformation would happen. But the fact that I didn't see it coming made the final scene that much more powerful.

Obviously, Caitlin wasn't going to die. As soon as she crashed, I connected the dots. Even so, my heart sped up with nerves as Julian, Cisco, and H.R. scrambled to save her.

I was so focused on not hurting you as Killer Frost that I forgot I could hurt you as Caitlin Snow. And for that, I'm very sorry. So I understand if you don't trust me anymore, but maybe you can find it in your heart to forgive me.


While this show arguably has its faults, one thing it does well is create characters that we can't help but love. Every member of Team Flash is important to me (even H.R. despite the rocky start).

For those few seconds when Caitlin appeared to be headed for death, I worried. And then I wondered who would ultimately be the one to remove the necklace: Cisco or Julian.

At first, I leaned toward Cisco. Because he'd already lost his brother, and it had been his idea in the first place. 

But Julian has romantic feelings for Caitlin, which automatically cancel out some of his rationality. 

Julian's afraid - The Flash Season 3 Episode 18

Plus, he'd been the one to operate on her. He carried that weight on his shoulders, as well. Not that there's any doubt it was his heart rather than his head that made the decision.

Setting aside the consequences of what Killer Frost will do, assuming Caitlin can regain control at some point, can she ever forgive him for this? I'm not sure.

I enjoy their budding romantic relationship. It's awkward and adorable. And slow-burning, which is a nice change from the debacle with Jay on The Flash Season 2.

Cisco: It looks like things between you and Julian are a little [pauses for effect] frosty.
Caitlin: [gives him a dirty look]
Cisco: It's too soon for the cold puns, huh?

He made the call to save her life, but in doing so, he ignored her wishes. That kind of betrayal of trust might not be forgivable under normal circumstances.

Let alone when Caitlin's now being ruled by her dark side.

This also means the future remains on track. Killer Frost being loose ties into Iris ending up dead at Savitar's hands.

Surgery Prep - The Flash Season 3 Episode 18

Unless Barry's plan to speed into the future reveals the answers he needs.

Did everyone cringe when he announced his intentions? On The Flash Season 3 Episode 17, Barry told Kara in the middle of a song that he's not supposed to run into the past anymore.

But the future is okay? I want to be mad about this because it falls into the 'Barry's learned nothing' category. Except it's so deeply woven into the fabric of the show at this point that I would be more shocked if Barry stopped messing with time.

Iris: He's a murderer.
Barry: I know he's a murderer. But how many murderers have we put in prison? How many bad guys have we taken down? Don't we deserve one win? After everything that we've done?
Iris: Life doesn't keep score, Barry.

While Barry comes up with bad, but good-intentioned ideas, Iris remains the voice of reason. She refuses to live in fear, or to stop living because of what might happen.

Iris continues to remind everyone that she's not going to make bad choices to prevent her death. She wasn't going to let a murderer go free. 

She also stepped up to help with Caitlin's surgery. Because that's what she does. She sees someone who needs help, and she rushes to their aid. 

Joe's on the case - The Flash Season 3 Episode 18

There are a few subtle cracks in Iris' armor to remind us that she is human. She hasn't forgotten her fate. 

Neither has her father. Like Barry, Joe opted for a risky choice. But I dare anyone to fault him for that. He's a father desperate to protect his daughter. His family means more to him than anything.

It broke my heart listening to Joe tell Iris about keeping her safe when she was a kid, and how much he struggles with not being able to do the same now.

That is why he's likely to go along with Barry's insane plan.

Card Tricks - The Flash Season 3 Episode 18

As for the title villain, Abra Kadabra was a bit of a letdown. Sure, he had a few cool magic tricks.

But his whole reason for being was to build a time machine to the future? Yes, he knew Savitar's identity, but we knew that answer wouldn't materialize. 

Watching him try to get away in his time machine served as a reminder of when Reverse Flash attempted the same thing. Except he was an integral part of creating Team Flash so we cared about the plot.

Kadabra felt like exactly what he was: a one-off villain to move the story forward rather than create one of his own.

Trouble in paradise? - The Flash Season 3 Episode 18

Although to be fair, he did help add another layer to Gypsy. 

She's always been a bit standoffish when it came to romance with Cisco. Flirting was fine, but she didn't hit that same "I want to marry this person" point that he did. And now we know why.

It's a fitting backstory for Gypsy. Losing a partner who was also a lover explains why she's not in any hurry to jump into a new relationship. And it shows why she's so dedicated to her job.

You're going to die for all the things you've done. I cannot wait to see you be put to death.


Even though Gypsy and Cisco left things in an uncertain status, I hope we see more of her in the future. I like the character, and the bond the two share.

But I'm not sure how much she'll be willing to trust Team Flash, even if they did come through in the end.

Then again, who knows what the makeup of the team will be when/if she returns. 

Now it's your turn to tell us what you thought of "Abra Kadabra"!

Were you surprised by Caitlin's Killer turn? Did you expect Barry to choose the future? Will Cisco and Gypsy be okay? Did you think Kadabra was a compelling villain?

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Abra Kadabra Review

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The Flash Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Iris: He's a murderer.
Barry: I know he's a murderer. But how many murderers have we put in prison? How many bad guys have we taken down? Don't we deserve one win? After everything that we've done?
Iris: Life doesn't keep score, Barry.

Abra Kadabra: If you let me go, I will tell you Savitar's greatest secret. It's the key to defeating him. The key to stopping him.
Barry: What secret?
Abra Kadabra: I know who he is. I know his name.