Arrow Round Table: What Will Adrian Do Next?!?

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Adrian Chase is on a mission to destroy Oliver Queen, but will he be able to do so with his name all over the media?

That was the question presented to viewers at the close of Arrow Season 5 Episode 18

Below, TV Fanatics Robin Harry, Kathleen Wiedel, Steve Ford and Jim Garner discuss Oliver bringing Anatoly in to fight, Adrian evading the law and Katie Cassidy's return to the series as Black Siren. 

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What did you think of Oliver turning to Anatoly?

Robin: It was a terrible decision; no good could ever come from the Mayor doing deals with the Russian Mafia (or any mafia). That said, I understand the context of the decision, how broken Oliver was.

He came out of that encounter with Prometheus feeling like a soulless monster, unsure of his own conscience. So it makes sense that he would do things in contempt of his own morality. 

Kathleen: I'm with Robin. While doubtless the decision made sense to Oliver in the moment, there is no way that working with the Bratva while being the mayor of Star City could possibly work out well in the long run.

And while the Bratva may seem like a pedestrian sort of enemy when set alongside such exotic foes as, say, Damien Darhk or the League of Assassins, it might be interesting to see how it plays out to pit Team Arrow against Anatoly and the Bratva. 

Steve: I liked the fact that the whole Bratva storyline and flashbacks played a part in the bigger picture. However, I'm very surprised Oliver would resort to going down that path. Anatoly and the Bratva could become one of the antagonists next season.

Jim: I'm with Steve, I was really surprised that he turned to  Anatoly so quickly, but it was nice to see the Bratva storyline play in so nicely. 

React to the final scene with Adrian evading the law. 

Robin: I LOVED that scene. He is so wonderfully, disturbingly deranged. The quiet glee on his bloody face, the completely incongruous "It's A Beautiful Morning" by The Rascals on the radio juxtaposed with the horror of what he just did with a pen - amazing. I think that was one of the best scenes on that show, ever. 

Kathleen: That was creepy, wasn't it? Adrian belongs in a secure mental ward, to be sure, complete with straitjacket. A very well-executed scene all the way around.

Steve: Great scene. The guy doesn't have a care in the world. It appeared the gig was finally up for Adrian, but given how calm he was driving past oncoming police cars while blood soaked, and since he always seems to always have something up his sleeve, he's either too insane to care or he has more cards to play.

Jim: I agree with everyone else, it was really freaking creepy. I honestly don't know if it is just criminally insane, or if he's got a plan to "fix" all of this.  

How long before Oliver returns to green?

Robin: I'm guessing (hoping) that doesn't happen for a couple more episodes; it might be close to the finale. I liked the idea of Oliver being reluctant to put on the hood right now. Right now he trusts his team, but he doesn't trust himself or his motives.

I think it will be interesting to see him work through that, and I think that it was a good decision to sit it out for a while.  

Kathleen: It can't be very long. The show is called "Arrow," after all, not "Oliver Queen." He'll take up his bow and quiver again soon enough. The question will be what induces him to do so, and will it be because he is emotionally ready or out of sheer necessity?

Steve: Oliver will be back in the green hood by the finale. Something will spark Oliver to become the Green Arrow and take down Adrian. Regardless of what Adrian has done to Oliver and his friends, he will not kill Adrian.

He tried the assassination attempt with Anatoly, but thanks to Diggle that didn't happen. Oliver will take Adrian down and let justice be served properly. 

Jim: Am I the only one who sees a new Green Arrow costume in the works? I agree with Steve, Robin, and Kathleen, it won't be very long, but my question is once he is enticed back into the mask, will it be a "cooler" looking outfit?

Oliver punched Diggle. React!

Robin: Meh, I saw that coming. Those two are bros, and I knew that wouldn't come between them.   

Kathleen: I'm with Robin. Both of them have some serious angst issues, but they both know that, too. While I don't advocate punching one's friends, it wasn't exactly unpredictable.

Steve: I felt that was extremely uncalled for, but like Robin said, they're family. That wasn't going to break them.

Jim: Agreed Kathleen/Robin, totally saw it coming, and I knew it wasn't going to phase Diggle.  

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How do you feel about Katie Cassidy returning as Black Siren?

Robin: Boooooo. If Black Siren joined the crew (or the villains) of Legends of Tomorrow, I'd be ecstatic. On Arrow, though, I have no faith that the writers are suddenly going to know what to do with Laurel Lance in any context on that show. I'm MUCH more interested in all the mentions of Kord Industries on the different shows - are we gonna meet Blue Beetle at any point?

Kathleen: It just seems like they're trying a take-two with the Laurel Lance character, who was, shall we say, divisive at the best of times, though this heavily depends on what capacity Black

Siren's return will be. Will she be purely villainous, or will she be taking a shot at redemption? (And if the latter, would any of the audience actually buy into it?) I'm willing to keep an open mind here, but still...

Steve: Send Black Siren to Flash or Legends, as Robin mentioned. I love Katie Cassidy, but sadly, there's no room for this character on Arrow.

Jim: I've always loved Katie Cassidy, so seeing her staying in the Berlanti-verse is exciting for me. I agree that she would probably excel more in Flash or Legends, but I guess it depends on how they are going to use her. Though I'm not sure how you use multiple sonic based characters and it not be a bit boring. 

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Arrow Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

Diggle: It's just you and me now, Oliver. You don't have to talk to me. I just don't think you should be alone.
Oliver: I think I should. Why don't you just leave?

Oliver: The explanation is simple: Chase is right. All the people who are down here - around me. They either suffer, or they die.