Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 22 Review: Black Tears

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When it gets personal for McGarrett, watch out!

McGarrett turned up the heat when a survivor of the USS Arizona got killed by a band of bank robbers on Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 22.

An Important Role - Hawaii Five-0

This episode effectively showcased McGarrett's heart as he sought justice for the granddaughter of that survivor.

After all, Lexi got to have her grandfather for all his long life, while McGarrett never knew his grandfather and namesake, Steven, who was killed at Pearl Harbor.

Still, he obviously bonded with her.

It saddened me to see an award-winning actor, Hal Holbrook, gone after one live scene (and a second on video). I fondly remember him and wife Dixie Carter on Designing Women, and he was great as a feisty senior on Bones Season 12 Episode 3.

But there wouldn't have been a case that resonated so much with McGarrett without that happening, so I get it.

The case gave McGarrett the opportunity to pour through documentary footage about Pearl Harbor, and he learned that his grandfather, like he and his father, was a hero.

Solving Leonard's murder gave Lexi closure, and it gave McGarrett some closure, as well. It was heartwarming at the end as he went through his grandfather's foot locker, and then saluted farewell to Leonard, as well, in full dress whites.

Plan of Attack - Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 22

The case's villain, Lee Campbell, was kind of the anti-McGarrett.

While McGarrett certainly didn't leave military life unscathed, he didn't hold the military responsible for what happened to him.

Campbell, on the other hand, blamed the military brass for turning their backs on him and his crew.

Yes, they meant well, trying to do something nice for the widow of one of their teammates killed in Afghanistan.

But that doesn't justify robbing banks and injuring a half-dozen policemen along the way.

Justice for a Hero - Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 22

I mean, co-sign for a loan for her. Or go work overseas as mercenaries and send money back. Don't endanger the public at large with gunfire in the streets. 

(Yeah, I guess that could go for Five-0 as well. But at least they're enforcing the law when they do it.)

Still, just because McGarrett was leading with his heart, still the Action Hero was plenty present, after a few slow weeks.

He got blown off a roof by an explosion, yet he still chased the perp into the jungle, took a bullet in the vest, then shot the perp dead. So much for questioning that one.

That were two full-blown team fire-fights and even a brief car chase.

Also, the case-building progressed much more logically than the bungle in the jungle in Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 21. Back on track, I hope.

A nice change of pace was the good, old-fashioned detective work by Adam and Jerry.

All in the Bones - Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 22

Adam finally got a job and even enjoyed it, then lost it for doing the right thing.

His foreman was a short-sighted dick and deserved to have his site shut down. Maybe Adam could live off the damages from his wrongful termination suit.

This was a good chance for Jerry to put his shiny new badge to work. And didn't he and Adam connect the dots well?

Kudos for Kono for her patience as Adam rides out the prejudice against ex-cons and ex-mobsters. Someone who could successfully launder money for a criminal organization surely has some executive skills that any corporation could use.

Maybe it's time for Adam Noshimuri, Five-0 detective. After all, they made room for Catherine and Abby, so why not another spouse? That Yakuza connection could be a sticking point, however. And it would make keeping a low profile difficult.

After an encore week (Boo!), it's a very special Danny episode on April 28. It's also a bit of a Major Crimes crossover, with a guest appearance by Michael Paul Chan as Danny's former HPD captain.

To catch up as the season finale approaches, watch Hawaii Five-0 online.

Did you enjoy McGarrett's family journey? Did you like Adam as a detective? What's next for he and Kono? Comment below.

Waimaka 'Ele'ele (Black Tears) Review

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Let me see that. [Looks at the bullet from McGarrett's vest.] All right, Superman.


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