Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Fracture

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Two things were clear on Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 6.

There’s no turning back, and nothing is off limits.

Harlee and Tess On the Run - Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 6

Woz even had Julia arrange a late night meeting in the woods with Bianchi to negotiate getting Harley’s gun back. 

Nothing good happens in the woods after midnight.


Especially when you’re meeting mobsters about stolen weapons.

Just when it looked like Bianchi might be willing to budge, Woz got his hackles up and it all fell apart. There was far too much testosterone flowing through that meeting for either party to back down. 

At least that meant the hunt for Caroline’s killer was still on, and the investigation took some intriguing turns. 

Tess: Are you two ever going to tell me what you did to piss off this overstuffed cannoli?
Woz: Some day. Not today.

It was good to see Tess and Harlee working together once again. They make a solid team. 

When Harlee tracked down Ethan, I really wanted to smack him. Given Ethan’s comments, it was clear that Caroline didn’t have anything nice to say about Nava, but her choice in a rebound hook up left something to be desired. 

Ethan didn’t look all that broken up about Caroline’s murder, but then again, what kind of guy lets a woman he’s sleeping with walk home alone at 4am while he grabs an Uber?

For a few moments, I really wondered whether Nava would end up dead because nothing is off limits on this show. 

Capturing Vincent Rossi - Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 6

Instead, Harlee not only stopped Rossi, she arrested him for Caroline’s murder. Of course that meant that she needed to swap out her gun, which found on Rossi, for the gun that Woz used to procure the bullets he put into Caroline’s skull.

Wrong gun. Wrong bullets. Right killer. That kind of thing could only happen on Shades of Blue Season 2

The biggest surprise came in this Shades of Blue quote as it looked as though Harlee and Nava might not be as over as they appeared last week. 

Harlee: You've got enough to carry without worrying about me.
Nava: I got a feeling I signed up for that job, permanently.

Nothing like a hired killer hunting you and your girlfriend to bring your real feelings to the surface. 

Things Get Awkward - Shades of Blue

But Bianchi’s far from done. His visit to Linda made that clear.

You should make your husband take you someplace warm before the weather takes a brutal turn.


When a mobster uses the word brutal, I doubt he’s really talking about the weather. 

As if Bianchi weren’t enough, Woz and the team had even more to worry about with Verco. 

I’ll give the man credit, he played his role well as he had half the team doubting the other half and the cracks in their loyalty were beginning to show. 

The one that really surprised me was Woz going after Tufo. He must be feeling particularly paranoid to allow Verco to play him so easily, but it didn’t help that Tufo hadn’t shared anything about his brother’s parole hearing with Woz.

I'm no rat. Not for anything or anyone. I've followed you through fire, Woz, and I never blinked.


Tufo has always been Woz’s most loyal soldier. It’s hard to say how much damage was done by Wozniak doubting him. 

Loman couldn’t let that photo of Woz and Donnie Pomp go, to the point of questioning people on the pier to find out how often they’d been there. 

It was pretty ballsy for Loman to out Woz in the middle of his first freezer meeting. Maybe he was feeling particularly brave or perhaps he thought there was safety in numbers.

Of course, Loman has no idea that the last team member Woz thought turned on him ended up being tossed off a building. 

But there’s still a question looming about Verco’s connection to the FBI because Stahl was pretty convincing when he said it wasn’t him. 

Woz Confronts Stahl - Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 6

Then again, Stahl is a damn good liar. 

Agent Stahl has absolutely no boundaries. He’ll use teenage girls or offer drugs to recovering addicts in order to get what he wants. 

Nothing is off limits. 

And let’s not forget about Cristina.

I found it a little comical when Cristina asked her mother if she was in danger. She’s an NYPD detective. She’s in danger every time she walks out the door. 

Not that Harlee needs to scare her daughter with all the gory details but it’s not a bad thing for Cristina to have a little fear. That might help her make smarter decisions. 

So, how do you think the team will react to Harlee’s confession, and will Harlee and Woz actually tell them the truth, or spin it to cover themselves? 

And how will Woz react when he finds out that Bianchi approached Linda? 

It’s clear that this war is far from over.

Check back next week for my review of Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 7.

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Fracture Review

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Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Harlee: You've gotta believe that there's a path back.
Woz: It runs through rough terrain.

Nothing good happens in the woods after midnight.