iZombie Round Table: We Knew It!

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The truth is finally out on iZombie Season 3 Episode 6. Whether you believed Blaine was faking, or you believed he was genuine, both camps were technically right.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your stance on their relationship, his dishonesty cost him his budding romance with Peyton.

Elsewhere, Major celebrated being human again but had Ravi and Liv concerned about potentially losing his memory. Also, Blaine is brewing up the memory serum, and someone stole the cure.

Join TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Yana Grebenyuk, Allison Nichols, and Amanda Steinmetz as they discuss "Some Like It Hot Mess."

Izombie Round Table

We finally know that Blaine has been faking the amnesia (almost) the entire time. React.

Jim: First time I think we can say both sides were right... He did lose his memories, and yet he was also faking it. The sad thing is, that as smart as he is, he could have come up with a way to recover "some" memories or faked them coming back slowly so he could stay "new Blaine" and still have helped Liv/Major in the process.

Yana: I knew it. I knew it. I knew it. It was all a little too good to be true, especially with a guy like Blaine. If things seem to be going perfectly for someone, as we all know, that will shift at some point.

Blaine can't just get his happily ever after without actually fighting for it, so it wasn't a huge shock that he decided to take the easy way out. What was stupid was him falling for Peyton's trick. If you are going to lie, play the long game!

Allison: I wasn't surprised by that at all. Blaine was obviously faking. It was only a matter of time before we found out. I did like that he came clean though, even if he was beyond stupid for falling for Peyton's trick.

Amanda: Yep, knew it in my gut the whole time. Blaine saw an opportunity to hit pause on playing the bad guy, but the truth was bound to come out. He really shouldn't have fallen for Peyton's trick.

How do you feel about the end of Blaine and Peyton's relationship?

Jim: Glad that it's over. While I liked new Blaine, finding out that he's been faking for months reminded me of what a dirtbag he is.

Yana: Finally. I felt really bad for Liv having to watch her best friend snuggle up to a guy who turned her into this and made her life a living hell

Peyton didn't deserve to be stuck with a guy like Blaine, and I'm hoping she snaps out of this weird path and looks more into that guy from last week confessing this quickly. Anyone else notice that little hint at her next plot arc?

Allison: I'm sad it's over. I don't quite understand the bit where Blaine says that was the real him.

Maybe it's because we've only known Blaine as the bad guy, but I want to know more about this new personality, and how it's actually "him." How did an apparently super brief period of amnesia completely change Blaine's personality?

Amanda: While I enjoyed the chemistry between Blaine and Peyton, their relationship has been built on a lie, so I say Peyton needs to put the breaks on romantic relationships and focus on her job and her friendships. Honestly, I want Peyton to acknowledge how she put her feelings for Blaine ahead of her friends and their concerns.

What do you think Blaine plans to do with the memory serum?

Jim: I suspect he is going to start making "juiced up" brains to sell. That being said, I'm more curious about how he knew what to DO with the ingredients from the list.

I mean seeing a list of "eggs, sausage, tortillas, and cheese" doesn't tell you how to make a scrambled egg breakfast taco (and now I'm hungry). So, how did the list of ingredients from Liv's email tell him how to make the serum?

Yana: I was thinking he'll market it as an enhanced version of the brain business. Maybe, he could make more money by promising longer visions if he got some super cool brains again? I might be way off base though.

Allison: Blaine's hurting. He was just rejected by the woman he probably loved, and she made him out to be the bad guy. I'm guessing that Blaine is going to do just that, and he's going to find a way to use the memory serum to his advantage, which might be delivering super juiced brains that will provide longer, more intense visions.

Amanda: I agree with Allison. I wouldn't be surprised if Blaine drives right into the skid and goes back to full time bad guy status. I'm sure he'll use the memory serum to boost profits.

Blaine is Back

Who do you think is responsible for stealing the cure?

Jim: I'm pretty sure Don E. was behind the break-in. Also, what city building wouldn't have some form of surveillance video for them to see who came in and took it.

Yana: Ravi's boss.

Allison: CDC chick would make sense, she's been poking around the lab for a while, and she's been in Ravi's house. She could have stumbled across something or overheard something. I feel like Blaine is too easy of a choice. If Don E. took the cure, it wouldn't be a shocking twist, but it would make sense because he has a motive.

Amanda: I didn't even think about Ravi's boss! Where has she been since their hook up? Blaine and Don E seem too obvious, so it could very well be Katty. Or it could be Fillmore Graves if Justin told them about Major being given the cure.

What are your thoughts on Major losing and regaining his memory in the same episode, and reuniting with his mother?

Jim: Given how long they took to get TO him taking the cure, I was actually very glad that he recovered in a single episode. As for his mother, did I miss an episode? When did he talk about his Mom having a new girlfriend?

Yana: I want to thank everyone that made it possible for Major to continue being his puppy dog self.

I couldn't stand the idea of him actually losing his memory, and I'm glad the writers didn't actually go there. The Major scenes were very wonderful in general, specifically him eating ice cream again.

Allison: I loved it. We got to witness Major delighting in the joys of being human again, the playful testing of his memory, the sad realization that he's losing his memory, and then the happiness that everything was going to be okay. This didn't need to be dragged out over episodes.

Amanda: I am so thankful Blaine's permanent amnesia turned out to be lies. Major is wonderful the way he is and I would have hated seeing him have to start from scratch.

What was your favorite scene and/or quote from "Some Like It Hot Mess?"

Jim: By far, I have to say Peyton's "I'm a lawyer, I shouldn't be trusted" line after she found out Blaine was faking and he was confused why she was mad. Well played indeed.

Peyton: Well, it worked. You've made a fool of me. This whole time my friends could have had a cure. Liv could have been human for months. You're a sad, selfish, greedy man.
Blaine: Wait, what happened to it didn't matter how we got here?
Peyton: I'm a lawyer Blaine, I shouldn't be trusted.

Yana: Liv at the end of the episode when she thought she would get the cure. It almost made you think it would happen, and then when it didn't, it really broke your heart that she was almost close to having the life she lost again. She was making plans and had this real idea of what her life might look like.

Of course, I also felt guilty because then Liv was distraught that there was no cure even though a little part of her knew it was too good to be true, and I was hoping it wouldn't be given to her because I love zombie Liv.

Allison: I loved Liv telling Clive he was the best. It's a true statement, and the whole scene was absolutely hilarious.

Liv: Ugh, nice creeps are the worse. Men. Are. Garbage.
Clive: Liv.
Liv: Not you, Clive. You're the best. You know that, right?

Amanda: Probably a tie between Major enjoying his ice cream, and the realization that the cure had been stolen.

Do you agree with our Round Table? Do you disagree? Sound of below in the comments! If you still need to catch up, you can watch iZombie online right here via TV Fanatic. 

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iZombie Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Peyton: Wait, Major took the cure? Well, how's his memory?
Liv: So far so good, but it's early.

OK, I'm glad you're human and are again able to experience the concept of flavor, but can you at least dial down the noises.