Power Season 4 Episode 5 Review: Don't Thank Me

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Where do we even begin people?!?!

Power Season 4 Episode 5 is one of those episodes that makes you scream at your television one minute, then cover your eyes, then grin like an idiot. If a show can manage to do that all in 60 minutes, then they are doing something right. 

Like I said, where do we even begin?

Stopping the Prosecution - Power

We should probably start with Ghost and his incarceration, which abruptly comes to an end. That's right, Angela made some serious moves and did the right thing. Well, the right thing for her conscience, I guess.  

Armed with the knowledge that Ghost didn't hide the gun at Truth, Angela first goes to Sandoval with her information, and he blows her off. She then goes to Proctor who sends her to Silver and Ghost. I think it was in this meeting Angela finally truly realized that Ghost was innocent; of this crime at least. 

Come on, there's got to be some part of you that knowd I didn't do this, otherwise why would you be sitting here right now?

Ghost [to Angela]

I did not expect Angela to do anything with the gun information this quickly. In typical Angela fashion, I figured she would find a way to mess everything up and somehow make things worse for Ghost. I wasn't completely wrong. 

As soon as she got on the stand, I knew Mak was going to tear her apart and exploit her personal relationship with Ghost. But after the judge rightfully admonished her for the awful lawyer she is, he then decided to dismiss the charges against Ghost. 

I wish you guys could see my notes during this episode because during this whole scene I just kept writing things like 'oh god no' and 'where's Proctor.' It all just seemed too good to be true, but alas it wasn't. It looks like next week we will see Ghost back in his penthouse, working at Truth and committing more murders. 

Ghost is tragic figure. And while I desperately wanted him to be free because this is a crime he didn't commit, you can never forget who this man truly is. He's a murderer.

And while on trial for murder, Ghost killed a US Marshall. There's nothing written in my notebook during this scene because I was holding it over my head screaming "No Ghost!"

There have been a lot of shocking deaths over the years, Holly's probably being the one that surprised me the most, but for some reason, this one just really caught me off guard. 

Perhaps it was the brutality. Or perhaps it was the fact that it was Charlie Murphy's character, but that whole scene, including Teresi's joint killing and master cleanup plan, was just wildly disturbing. There is just no way this does not come back to haunt him in some way. Teresi just cannot be trusted to keep this quiet. 

So y'all, did we pretty much get confirmation that Teresi's is Tommy's father? That's what it sounded like to me. In exchange for his silence, all Teresi wants is for Ghost to put him in contact with Tommy. But little does anyone know, Tommy is headed out of town and hopes to be unreachable. 

I can't get away from myself.


Now this is a line that can be applied to just about every major character, right? NO ONE knows how to just stay out of their own way. But if they did, what would they ever do to entertain us?

Everything Else You Need To Know

  • I'm so happy LaVerne is back! I'm lying. Did anyone else forget she was still a thing, or am I the only one? Of course, she heard about Ghost's innocence and beelined it to New York to scoop up Tariq and start extorting money from the St. Patrick's. When there is actual movement on this plot, it can be discussed more. 
  • Tasha figured out Tommy and Keisha are a couple of sorts and after invoking the "H" word, Tommy came clean about his role in the redhead's disappearance. In this scene, you can see where Tasha's true loyalties lie. And they lie with Tommy and her family above all else. 
  • If there's one person worse than LaVerne who needs to leave Power and never return, it's Simon Stern. First of all, don't you have to be on a list to visit people in prison? And how in the hell did he know Tasha would be at the courthouse? Now that he has some leverage, I'm expecting him to stick around.  
  • Was I the only one who thought Silver was trying to flirt with Tasha? That's a no for me. She deserves better. 
  • Julio saw Kanan talking to Dre! I repeat, JULIO SAW KANAN TALKING TO DRE! Will anything happen with this information? God, I hope so. 
  • Angela and Sandoval are both out of a job thanks to her. I hope she follows through on her threat to uncover the real mole. Perhaps she could start with the surveillance tape and the fact that before her watching it MIKE FREAKING SANDOVAL was the last one to view it! Start there, Angela!

So, now that Ghost is a free man, what's his next step? Will Julio tell anyone that Kanan is alive? What is the secret mission for Tommy in Chicago? 

There are a lot of questions to be asked as we head into the home stretch of the season. Make sure you drop into the comment section to leave your thoughts and remember to watch Power online any time your heart desires via TV Fanatic. 

Don't Thank Me Review

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