Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 13 Review: Betrayal

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Never trust outsiders. Isn't that what Baz said once a long time ago? He should have heeded his own advice because Lucy turned into a scorpion and stung him. Hard.

That's not how I expected Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 13 to end, but it was a perfect way to wrap up an insane season.

Baz is the Boss - Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 13

I'm conflicted about Baz because as much as he's come across as a bastard, and as much as I've hated him all season, his confrontation with Pope almost changed my mind about him.

Maybe all this time Baz has just been misunderstood. Maybe he does love his brothers and his nephew. Maybe he did it all to protect everyone from Smurf. Yes, he was being greedy, but, damn, he trusted Lucy.

It's a testament to some great storytelling the way were all set up to believe that Pope and Baz might kill each other. Smurf believed it was going to go down that way, and so did I.

I wanted Pope to end Baz more than anything. I couldn't wait for it to be true. And then Baz did the most surprising thing ever — he showed that he isn't such a bastard after all.

He didn't fake that emotion with Pope. He loves Pope. He could have shot him without a second thought. He had the upper hand because Pope wasn't going to fight him.

Baz Confronts Pope - Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 13

Instead, he put his gun down and hugged his brother. He told Pope how much he loved him and how he was going to protect him. Baz knew Pope wasn't to blame for Catherine's death. He may have done the dirty deed, but it wasn't Pope's fault.

It was Smurf's fault. It was always Smurf's fault. And you know what? Baz is right. Smurf is sick, and her life has been devoted to manipulating her boys for her own gain.

Baz cracked the dome early but destroyed it this hour. He wasn't going to allow himself to be manipulated anymore, and he wanted it to end for his brothers and J as well.

I'm not saying Baz is a great guy. He's still got issues. And he's still the worst dad of the century, but there's some realness to him. Maybe we need to shift our anger and hate away from Baz and direct it towards the person who truly deserves those feelings — Smurf. 

Baz: That's a nice outfit. What is it, polyester?
Smurf: It's a blend. Doesn't stain.

Smurf is the Queen Biatch of all Biatches. She's the worst mother of all time. Maybe that's where Baz learned how to be a shitty dad. He didn't have such a good role model. 

Think about everything she's done to her sons and J. She's beyond horrible. The worst of it all is what she did to Pope. Making him kill the woman he loved was the cruelest thing she could have ever done. Pope was Smurf's favorite, and she twisted their relationship in the sickest way possible. 

No matter what, Pope will never forgive himself for killing Catherine. Never. It is why he's so devoted to Lena. He knows he's responsible for everything wrong in that little girl's life. And let's face it, Pope is a much better dad to Lena than Baz has ever been.

Baz and J - Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 13

And now that Baz is lying near death in the street, Pope may have to step up even more.

I don't want Baz to die. I can't even believe I'm saying that. But I want Lucy to pay, and I want Baz and Pope to work together to bring that biatch down. 

Lucy is responsible for Baz's shooting. Even though we saw J sitting at Smurf's place dressed in black, it's not even possible for it to have been him. There wasn't enough time for him to have shot Baz and get back to the house that quickly.

No. It was all set up by Lucy because how would this guy know that Baz was getting in the car right at that time? Lucy probably called or texted Marco right before she and Baz got in the car and probably had Marco call the cops because it was awfully convenient that the cops showed up that fast.

Craig and Deran Forever - Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 13

Lucy had it all planned out. She's a kingpin, and all that money and jewels made her drool when she saw it. She was planning this from the moment Baz showed her the "bank."

And the most appalling (and telling) thing was that Lucy just left Baz there to die and went immediately to the "bank" to make a withdrawal. What a cold-hearted biatch. Maybe Lucy can go into partnership with Smurf since they both take so much pleasure in screwing around with the men in their lives.

I hope Baz makes it. I really do. I want him and Pope to go after Lucy and make her pay for what she did. Let's hope Baz makes it.

Stray Thoughts:

  • I cannot express how much I love Deran and Craig's relationship. They are true bros.
  • Who wants to make a bet that Craig is the first to find out about Baz because he'll drive past the scene?
  • I wanted to slap J silly for that house robbery. When is he going to learn that Nicky is trouble?
  • Was Baz telling the truth about J's real dad? I believe him.

So what did you guys think? Did your opinion of Baz change? Were you surprised at who attempted to kill Baz? Do you want him to make it?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Betrayal Review

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