Suits Season 7 Episode 7 Review: Full Disclosure

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Alex Williams is a man of many talents, but he is no match for Harvey Specter. 

On Suits Season 7 Episode 7, we finally got some insight into the former's real connection to the prison case, and it made for an exciting hour. 

It turns out, something you do in the past could have a ripple effect that still causes drama seven years later. Alex's predicament being linked to Harvey wanting to leave Pearson Hardman behind was an intriguing way to tie the plot together. 

Keeping the Case Alive - Suits

Once upon a time, Harvey wanted to move up the ranks and felt like the firm was hindering his career. That explained why he turned to Alex with the proposal to take him to his own firm. 

But then things changed Jessica realized she wanted to keep Harvey around because, well, she paid his way through college. She knew he was an excellent lawyer and wanted to work with him. 

It was a bold move on Harvey's part to attempt to defect to another firm for a better role, but deep down, it was evident Jessica did not want to give him the coveted role too soon. 

The Truth - Suits Season 7 Episode 7

She likely wanted him to continue to gain experience as opposed to giving him the key to the kingdom too quickly. Obviously, knowing that Harvey is now the one in control of the firm, it makes it clear Jessica always saw the potential in him. 

That's what makes their friendship so great. They believe in each other, and despite some meanders along the way, their friendship is still strong to this day.

Finding out the situation Alex was in struck a nerve for Harvey. His demands were the reason he wound up ultimately covering up the prison murder. 

Alex: That's it. They've had me by the balls ever since.
Harvey: Jesus, how did you let yourself get compromised like that?
Alex: This is my situation, Harvey.
Harvey: No, this is a firm situation and we need to cut ties with those bastards right the hell now.

After Suits Season 7 Episode 6, I was questioning every single thing we knew about Alex because it is hard to feel bad for him. However, "Full Disclosure" helped me get on board with the character. 

His job was essentially a joke, and he was given the worst cases all because of Harvey going back on his word. If the truth came out, the case against him would be concrete. 

Linking all of his bonuses to one of the significant events in the case was a way to keep him quiet about the whole thing for good. It would have been so much better to see Harvey wage war on the villains and join forces with Mike. 

Harvey Is Listening - Suits Season 7 Episode 7

But that would mean Alex would be put in the firing line, and that would not go down well with anyone. Somehow, the case is going to come back to the forefront, but hopefully, it won't result in Alex being arrested. 

Mike knows that he screwed up by going behind Harvey's back, but we now have confirmation that Harvey knows he cannot be trusted, and that should make for some great drama. 

All of this will likely make Harvey grow closer to Alex and drift away from Mike. How will Mike feel about someone else becoming the "Robin" of their friendship?

With Mike now knowing how high the stakes are, you would think that he would let the case die down, but Mike is the King of making bad decisions. 

He's not going to let it go, and that could be the thing that divides him from those closest to him. Rachel got some short-term relief by Mike telling her she did not need to lie for him. 

But will she be able to continue her role at the firm if Mike continues to defy the boss? I think it's fair to say there are going to be some awkward scenes from here on out. 

Let's talk about Donna and Mark. Even seven years ago, all Donna could do was talk about Harvey, and that's because she likes him as more than a friend. 

Mark clearly figured that out, and that's why he was questioning why they were speaking about Harvey on their anniversary. Who wants to speak about a coworker while celebrating a milestone with their significant other?

At least Mark figured it out quickly, and that's no doubt why the relationship did not stand the test of time. 

Longtime viewers have known this since the show debuted, and this seemed to imply that we could be getting some Harvey/Donna goodness soon. 

With Suits Season 7 Episode 8 aka the 100th episode just around the corner, could we finally get our wish? 

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • Jessica had such a profound involvement with the characters and this episode highlighted it so well. From sending Louis to therapy and putting Harvey in his place, she was a delight. 
  • Mike turning to Anita for help was downright awful. It's understandable that he's upset about the way things played out, but asking for help from the woman who did not want you to become a lawyer is just bad. 
  • Mike asking Benjamin to hack was yet another error in his judgment. What if it got linked back to PSL?
  • When are Mike and Rachel going to get married? We've been waiting so long. 
  • Where is Gretchen?!

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Over to you, Suits Fanatics. What did you think of Alex's past? Should the case be dropped?

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Note Suits continues August 30 on USA Network. 

Full Disclosure Review

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Suits Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Jessica: Louis, can I talk to you for a minute?
Louis: Hey, Jessica. We're just in the middle of something.
Jessica: Now.

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Alex: That's it. They've had me by the balls ever since.
Harvey: Jesus, how did you let yourself get compromised like that?
Alex: This is my situation, Harvey.
Harvey: No, this is a firm situation and we need to cut ties with those bastards right the hell now.