Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Nothing to Fear

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There was nothing subtle about the message of Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 2.

While the characters hit on some really good points about fear and trust, it was done in such a heavy handed manner that I was gagging a little. Everybody's afraid of something, we get it. 

Continuing to Argue - Chicago Med

Honestly, I thought it was a little offensive that they acted like the audience was so dense. Of course, it's possible I'm over reacting, like April did with Choi.

He may not have been in the right trying to use her relationship with the patient the way he did, but her response was something else. 

April really needs to sit done with Dr. Charles or even Sarah and talk about why that situation made her so insecure. Maybe it would be the wake up call for her to follow her dreams and try for medical school. Or maybe become an NP and bring a little professional diversity to Med. 

You don't want my opinion. Just because I don't have an MD after my name doesn't mean I don't know what's best for my patient.


Sarah could use an easy patient right about now. Or a change of specialties. 

I'm not really sure how you can become a psychiatrist and really believe that mental illnesses are simply excuses for people to avoid responsibility. That's like an astronaut believing in flat Earth theory.

Daniel had some fair points for her to consider, but also should have insisted that she see her therapist sooner rather than later. While she's there discussing her daddy issues and anger transference, maybe she can get some advice about how to handle Noah's harassment.

Patient Attack - Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 2

I was really surprised that no one in production or editing caught his line to her as poor idea in the current cultural climate. "I'm not going to leave you alone until you go out with me" is basically harassment 101.

This isn't the first time he's shown an inflated sense of entitlement. If he's acting like this as a lowly intern, I pity his female coworkers once he's an attending. 

Noah: Okay, so, you know how I've been hounding you about getting a drink one night after work.
Sarah: I'm familiar with it, yes.
Noah: Okay, well I promise, it's all gonna stop. Right after you get a drink with me tonight.

As a feminist, I was uncomfortable with Will's accusations of child abuse against pregnant patient, and really disturbed by Nat's attempt to force feed the woman. She's more than just an incubator after all.

On the other hand, lady was nuts. Honestly, I don't know how she managed to get or stay pregnant on 800 calories a day. What Nat and Will should have been concerned about was finding her midwife and making sure her license was revoked. 

The case was overall disappointing. It took an interesting ethical issue and put all the docs on one side. How boring. I know the theme was fear and overcoming it, but I'd like some intellectual stimulation while being beat about the head with the uniting topic. 

Will: Is that what you're wearing tonight?
Nat: It's a brand new Chiara Boni!
Will: I mean, no, it's probably fine. If you think it's fancy enough for the corner table at Alinea.
Nat: Are you kidding? That's like the toughest reservation in town.
Will: "GQ" says 97% of relationships are decided on the first date.

For someone recently very concerned about tight finances, Will was certainly going all out for that date. Alinea really is one of the toughest reservations in town -- and priciest. We're talking $350 minimum, and that's before drinks and gratuity!

As a Midwest foodie, I was sorely disappointed to see them give up the eighteen course menu, even if the Ferris wheel was super romantic. I may not be Will's biggest fan, but he can bring really bring the woo. 

But maybe Navy Pier could have waited until after dinner?

Ferris Wheel - Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 2

One romance that's not going so well: Robin and Connor. It feels like Connor is in a catch-22. He can't dump her because she's sick, but staying with her and pretending everything is okay is making them both stressed and unhappy.

I really hope that Connor isn't heading for a breakdown of some kind, but I don't think we'll be lucky on that front. An already stressful job, a girlfriend with lots of needs, and the competition is breathing down his neck? He needs a vacation, stat.

Am I the only one that weirdly started to warm up to Ava? She might have the social skills of a brick wall as far as we've seen, but she was trying to be kind in the cafe.

When surgeons burn out, it always starts with stress. Then a call goes the wrong way, an unlucky result. They get in their own heads, and that's when the hesitation starts, the unsteady hands. And once your there, it's a very hard road back.


Her behavior made me think, does my initial dislike stem from something inherent to her, or because she's been set up as Connor's competition. I'd really love to see an episode where we follow Ava around instead of Connor and get to see the situation from her perspective.

Too bad Med's not that kind of show. 

They'll probably end up hate screwing each other after things end with Robin. Or she'll just disappear. Or both, like Sam Zanetti.

Benched - Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 2

Things continue to heat up between the two cardio-thoracic fellows (at least at work) on Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 3 ("Trust Your Gut"). Their competition may go too far and put a patient at risk though. When will Latham -- or Sharon -- step up and put these two in their place?

To be fair, Sharon's going to be a little busy with the board. They want her to make some unpopular changes, likely to cut costs or reduce liability, so she'll also be facing down irate doctors. She really has the worst job, doesn't she?

At least Sarah and Daniel are back on speaking terms. I have terrible sneaking suspicion that their patient's "peculiar theory about his sickness" is related to his GI track. The writing team is really using that hammer a lot this year.

Supply Closet - Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 2

Remember, you can watch Chicago Med online if you need to catch up or just go back and remind yourself of all Connor's romantic foibles. You can also read our past Chicago Med reviews if time is an issue!

And join us in the comments section with your take on "Nothing to Fear." Will April and Ethan make it, or is that a doomed romance? How long before Noah gets called to HR? Does anybody in the ED have a life outside the hospital? We want to know!

Nothing to Fear Review

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Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Daniel: Doesn't that kind of fly in the face of being a trusted community institution? You know, putting up barriers between us and the people that we're trying to help?
Sharon: One of those people shot you in the gut, Daniel.
Daniel: Yeah, outside the hospital. What kind of detector's gonna stop that?

Will: Is that what you're wearing tonight?
Nat: It's a brand new Chiara Boni!
Will: I mean, no, it's probably fine. If you think it's fancy enough for the corner table at Alinea.
Nat: Are you kidding? That's like the toughest reservation in town.
Will: "GQ" says 97% of relationships are decided on the first date.