Arrow: Katrina Law Books Return as Nyssa Al Ghul!

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Nyssa Al Ghul's story is far from finished. 

According to Variety, Katrina Law will return for one episode of Arrow later this year. Her return is said to take place in an "unforgettable episode that will change Arrow forever."

Nyssa Is Back - Arrow Season 5 Episode 23

The daughter of Ra's al Ghul will return to Star City "to warn of an impending danger that will threaten everything we know and love.”

Law last appeared on Arrow Season 5 Episode 23 to help Oliver when Adrian Chase rounded up Oliver's loved ones on Lian Yu with the intention of blowing all of them up. 

With Lian Yu well and truly out of the picture, the more likely reason for Nyssa's return is that she has information about Arrow Season 6's villain, Cayden James. 

If you watch Arrow online, you will already know that Cayden has a group of villains who are intent on causing death and destruction to the people of Star City. 

Katrina Law Attends Event

Yeah, you would think the city would have a total of zero people living it by now because it seems like there's a new villain on tap every other day. 

Law will appear on Arrow Season 6 Episode 16 which is titled "The Thanatos Guild.” Law first appeared on Arrow Season 2 and has shown up sporadically ever since. 

Nyssa was in a relationship with Sara Lance early in the show's run, but she subsequently went on to marry Oliver Queen. 

It's unclear whether Manu Bennett will also be returning for the episode, but we're sure we will get more details as we get closer to the air date of the episode. 

Ready to Fight - Arrow Season 3 Episode 23

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Arrow continues Thursdays on The CW. 

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