Scorpion Season 4 Episode 15 Review: Wave Goodbye

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A query, my dearies, which Team Scorpion ship is the best?

On Scorpion Season 4 Episode 15, Quintis and Waige were at war for the prime real estate in the garage, but Amy and Toby came out of nowhere with the surprise kiss!

It was nice to see Amy again, especially since she didn't waltz in and have Toby instantly around her finger like some sort of Toby whisperer like she did on Scorpion Season 4 Episode 13.

Averting a Tsunami - Scorpion

Toby's willingness to help Amy out was nicely explained. He felt as if he owed her for ruining her life back when they were together.

Honestly, I think he did owe it to her. He gambled away her money.

We learned a bit of Toby and Amy history, but it was still difficult to get a sense of who Amy is as a person. We've only seen her in connection with the men in her life.

We keep hearing about her intellect and accomplishments, but those never get a chance to shine. Yes, she thinks she's snakebitten, which apparently means doomed to misfortune or unlucky (thanks Google), but that's really all we glean about her from this escapade. 

Toby: You know I'm an enthusiastic lover, right?
Paige: And?
Toby: With all the procreation recreation, I slipped a disk in my lower back.
Paige: We're all too involved in each other's lives.

It would have been better if Amy's appearance following the bunker incident had nothing to do with Toby. We could have seen her hang out with literally anyone else. Then, we would not have had to deal with that kiss.

There was a huge sigh of relief when Happy opened up about the reason she was upset, and it had nothing to do with Toby being with Amy. Seriously, I could not handle that kind of drama.

Hopefully, this is the end of the "cheating" storyline because no one needs another triangle in the mix. I need my Quintis to stay together and in love, got it? 

However, it was still entertaining to watch Toby help Amy, mainly because we got to see Toby in his gambling element.

Gambling made up a big part of Toby's life for years, but we've only seen him on the path to breaking the addiction. We never really saw him in his element.

Even though Toby didn't slip (thankfully), we were able to catch a glimpse of the man he used to be, and we met some of his associates, for lack of a better term.

Let's face it, it's hard to care about the case when Toby and Amy were running around together. Yes, there wasn't anything illicit going on, but it was still far more exciting than stopping a tsunami with an avalanche.

Toby: Happy?
Happy: Jackass. I see your back is better.
Toby: This is not what it looks like.
Happy: Really? It looks like you are gooty to gooty with your ex in a coffin.
Toby: It's a casket, actually. A coffin is tapered.

This is one of Scorpion's a bit more out there cases, so it was hard to get wrapped up in it. There's no suspense because, of course, it's going to work out. There's nothing that could actually go wrong and leave a lasting, damaging effect because the consequences were too severe.

Team Scorpion was trying to stop a tsunami, so if it went wrong there would be a mass casualty, and we knew that wasn't going to happen. We also knew that Happy wasn't actually going to die.

I don't think I could recover from that pain...

There's no risk in this case, and so there's no suspense. When there's no thrill nor suspense, then the other entertaining cases are either the personal ones or the funny ones. We either want to laugh or to have a case punch us in the heart with emotions.

Two years ago we created a tsunami to reverse the flow of a river. Now we're creating an avalanche to kill a tsunami? Can't say we're not well rounded.


This case provided neither. It wasn't a bad case or anything, but it wasn't really captivating.

The only upside to the team's time in Mexico was Walter's concern for Happy when she chose to risk her life for the case.

Walter showed what kind of leader he is, and it was a great moment. It wasn't him being flashy and trying to take over the case because his way was the right way. It was him not wanting his team to put themselves in danger.

Walter was willing to take all the risk, and he deserves kudos for that. We don't always see Walter being a shining example of a team leader. We normally see his ego get in the way of things.

What was even better was the fact that this moment wasn't made into a huge deal.

He wasn't praised for it. No one brought it up again, but we'll always remember that it happened. Were you proud of Walter in that moment?

What did you think of the episode? Do you think Waige or Quintis won the competition? Place your bets in the comments below.

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Wave Goodbye Review

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Scorpion Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Toby: You know I'm an enthusiastic lover, right?
Paige: And?
Toby: With all the procreation recreation, I slipped a disk in my lower back.
Paige: We're all too involved in each other's lives.

Cabe: A query my dearies, where did you first meet your dearie?
Walter: Nero's diner!
Paige: Nero's diner!