The Flash Season 4 Episode 10 Review: The Trial of The Flash

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The Flash wasted no time with its winter premiere in making the new year utterly crappy for our hero. But that didn't stop Team Flash from dealing with a new metahuman.

The Flash Season 4 Episode 10 was appropriately titled "The Trial of The Flash" after one of the more iconic Flash arcs from the comics. For those who may not be aware of the story, here is a quick (pun!) rundown of it.

How Far To Go - The Flash

After Barry's greatest nemesis, Reverse-Flash, was killed by our hero, he had to go to trial. The Scarlet Speedster was almost kicked out of the Justice League and it was an arc that went on for over 20 issues.

Similar to Flashpoint, The Flash Season 4 is doing its own version of that arc, and I'm fine with that! What I was genuinely concerned about was that they would repeat the biggest mistake of Flashpoint with this story.

Fortunately, this didn't get solved and wrapped within 42 minutes. You can't introduce a cliffhanger of framing Barry Allen for murder and then sweep it under the rug as if it was nothing!

It remains to be seen, though, how long this arc continues. Even if we only visit this story for two-three episodes, I will take that as a victory and a sign this plot was being taken seriously.

To make a long story short, the meta of the week didn't do much for me, but I get that the rest of the city has to go on while our heroes deal with their struggles.

Can Marlize Keep Her Poker Face - The Flash Season 4 Episode 10

But with a winter premiere this big, I think we could have done without a meta of the week, especially when it's, once again, a one-dimensional baddie with little development.

We know that The Flash can have excellent villains, but for some reason, the procedural ones never seem to work. Every once in a while, we get a villain of the week that is solid, but it's rare.

When we have metas like this one who are merely there to act as a non-developed threat, there is no point in spending any energy fleshing out your baddie for that week. Use that screentime on something else.

Perhaps we could have gotten more insight into Marlize's state of mind. She can pretend all she wants, but Marlize ain't 100% OK! It is only a matter of time until Clifford catches on to Marlize's struggle.

No one should be able to deal with something like that so easily. It's no big deal that your husband, before he died, placed his mind in the body of a complete stranger that you are now supposed to love just as much.

Cecile To The Rescue - The Flash Season 4 Episode 10

The moment when Iris confronted Marlize, it was evident that Mrs. DeVoe's shield was beginning to crack. I wouldn't be shocked if she somehow turns on Clifford towards the end of the season.

Although there is that whole thing of Clifford now being able to read people's minds, so that's problematic. While I do miss Neil Sandilands, Kendrick Sampson is doing a solid job of continuing what Sandilands started.

The outcome of the trial exceeded my expectations. I did not see Barry being sentenced to prison for life coming at all. I figured he would at the very least get a good 10-20 years, if not less.

It does make things more intriguing for how they will, eventually, get Barry out of this mess. It keeps up with the spirit of this season about  using your mind rather than speed to win.

Grant Gustin and Candice Patton always nail the Barry/Iris dynamic. "The Trial of The Flash" is, without doubt, one of their best. When Barry, while using his powers, told Iris the choice he had made, it broke me.

Team Flash Has His Back - The Flash Season 4 Episode 10

Simply the way the camera was spinning around them with the Speed Force effect was like an epic comic panel come to life. Now we are forced to wait until we see them back together without a prison cell in the way.

Given that they have been referencing Iron Heights quite a lot this season, I suspect something big will go down while Barry is there. Non-comic fans should also keep an eye out on that suspicious warden.

Overall, "The Trial of The Flash" was an emotionally-charged winter premiere that handled the big cliffhanger gracefully. The show proved that it is learning from its mistakes after how the rush of Flashpoint.

Now it's your turn to let us know what you thought of The Flash Season 4 Episode 10! Sound off in the comments below, and tell us what you thought of the winter premiere!

How long will Barry be in jail? Will they be able to stop Clifford DeVoe 2.0? 

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The Trial of The Flash Review

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The Flash Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Cisco: Oh, damn. We need to cool him down.
Harry: Killer Frost.
Caitlin: Great.
Cisco: Well, go, turn!
Caitlin: Well, that's not how it works. I can't just snap my finger and make her appear. It only happens with I'm scared or angry.
Cisco, Harry: Oh, good Lord, Caitlin.
Cisco: The city's about to explode. Everyone, everything you know and love, the birds, the trees, the fish, the puppies! The puppies are going down because you didn't want to...
Cisco, Harry: Show up for work!

Harry: Guys, if this meta can cause these levels of radiation in these patients, that means this meta has a similar makeup to a nuclear bomb.
Cisco: So, like, enough to blow us all up? What are we talking here?
Caitlin: The fallout from a nuclear explosion could be catastrophic.
Harry: Exactly.
Cisco: Fallout.
Harry: Great name.
Cisco: Terrible power.