The Flash Season 4 Episode 11 Review: The Elongated Knight Rises

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Barry Allen was forced to trade his red suit in for a prison uniform in the latest chapter of The Flash. 

But with our hero locked up, it's up to the rest of Team Flash in The Flash Season 4 Episode 11 to keep Central City safe.

The Elongated Man - The Flash

I will admit that I was a little afraid going into this episode wondering how this was going to play out. Last time Barry was MIA, it wasn't long until Team Flash needed to get him back pronto.

But it felt like "The Elongated Knight Rises" learned from The Flash Season 4 Episode 1  This time around we get to see the team function on their own which is a big plus in my book.

Even though the show is called The Flash, I like the idea that these characters can stand on their own. If they always fall apart without Barry, it takes away their empowerment!

Ralph has been a mixed bag for many people since his debut. But these past few episodes have been helping Ralph grow out of that jerk we first got to know.

Don't get me wrong; I enjoy some of Ralph's rough edges. As great as Hartley Sawyer is with the comedic beats, he needs to be credited for his dramatic chops too!

I love that we're getting to see the humanity in Ralph because we all know it is there. Something as small as him being afraid of facing the bad guy is something I appreciate.

Frosty Vibe In Trouble - The Flash Season 4 Episode 11

Although it was a powerful scene, how does Ralph sneak into a high-security prison that easily? I get it; he is the Elongated Man, but still!

It's a minor nitpick, but it is hilarious to think that somehow Ralph managed to sneak in unnoticed. But then again, that is a common thing in the Arrowverse; there is no such thing known as security.

This will sound weird, but I'm somehow satisfied with how calm Barry is with being in prison. The moment when he was talking to Ralph about not being fearless and yet pulling through, that was powerful.

Before we move on from Ralph, I'm grateful he finally got himself a brand new suit! But not only that, he got his superhero name, and yes, it is here to stick.

While I wouldn't have minded seeing Mark Hamill as the Original Trickster again, Axel's return was so much fun. The bigger treat was seeing Prank make the jump from the original Flash TV show onto the CW one.

I think at this point almost every big player from that show has appeared in the CW interpretation. That is always something I dig with comic book shows when they pay homage to what came before.

A Prank From The Past - The Flash Season 4 Episode 11

Barry's arc in jail ended up being more powerful than I was prepared for. It was mostly because of WWE's Goldberg as Big Sir who shared a connection with Henry Allen.

While it wasn't the biggest surprise, I loved that Barry has someone watching his back on the inside. But it also reminded of us what a great man Henry was.

Big Sir isn't a character I'm too familiar with from the comics, but Goldberg made a great first impression. I was thrilled that Barry even took a risk to save him when Big Sir was being ganged up on.

I figured we'd still see him using his powers in one way or another while being in jail. Although I feel that whenever Barry does leave Iron Heights, someone will be aware of his speedy secret.

I suspect the warden will find out somehow given how much they're focusing on him. Whether that will pay off this season or in a fifth season remains to be seen.

Speaking of pay-offs...let's talk about Jessica Parker Kennedy's return! I knew that she was going to appear again, but not this soon!

Big Sir To The Rescue - The Flash Season 4 Episode 11

What I loved the most though was the reminder of the mysterious letters Barry was writing in the premiere. This is one of the many reasons why The Flash Season 4 is working so darn well.

So far we are getting payoffs and answers to these big things that they set up early on. Now, who is the mystery girl? I agree with the majority of the fandom that believes she is none other than Dawn Allen.

Dawn, who is Iris and Barry's future daughter, will somehow play into how Barry gets out of jail. I don't know how, but I feel somehow she has the answers to solving this whole mess.

Maybe she won't be a key into how to stop The Thinker, but I bet she will help the team figure this out. I can't picture who else she could be if she is not Dawn.

Overall, "The Elongated Knight Rises" was one of the stronger episodes of the season. From Ralph's enormous growth as a hero to Barry handling life in jail, this was a powerful hour for the series.

Now it's your turn to let us know what you thought of The Flash Season 4 Episode 11! What did you think of the official birth of the Elongated Man?

How are you enjoying Barry's life in prison so far? Who do you think the mystery girl is?

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The Elongated Knight Rises Review

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The Flash Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Cisco: Hey, how about you hook me up with some of that gum?
Harry: Why don't you breach yourself?
Cisco: That sounds like an insult.
Harry: Kind of was.

Iris: Cisco, next time you go out with him.
Cisco: Iris, a chicken needs to leave its roost sooner or later. Especially when that chicken insists on doing his own solo missions.
Iris: This is bad.
Ralph: This is *really* bad. Stretchy Man, that's a terrible name. Also, now that I"m gonna be on TV all the time, this grey suit, got to go.
Cisco: Hey, easy, chickadee.