Arrow Season 6 Episode 13 Review: The Devil's Greatest Trick

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The latest chapter of Arrow is all about Cayden James as Michael Emerson's wicked hacker comes full circle.

But Arrow Season 6 Episode 13 sets up what will be the definitive arc for the remainder of Arrow Season 6.

Doing It Alone - Arrow

If Arrow wanted to, this could have been a season finale. Because that is exactly what "The Devil's Greatest Trick" felt like.

While "The Devil's Greatest Trick" does have a lot of strengths, it came with some bad points. One of them being the possible fall of Dinah Drake.

Two Canaries - Arrow Season 6 Episode 13

In the last review, I spoke about how Arrow would never have any Laurel Lance be killed again. I believed that because why would they ruin this new Black Canary by killing Black Siren?

But then I remembered that this is Arrow where I don't always get what I want. Despite her efforts, we didn't have to see yet another death scene featuring Katie Cassidy.

God bless Quentin for coming through! But this still doesn't put Dinah in a good light. This is a crazy theory but it almost feels like the writers are trying to have Dinah and Laurel swap roles.

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We are indeed seeing the beginning of Black Siren's redemption story. But what we're also seeing is the start of Dinah possibly being villainized so that Laurel can be saved.

I will never understand Arrow's lack of having multiple women shine at once. It seems only one character, if not two, is allowed to be in the spotlight if you're a woman.

I wish Arrow would sometimes look at Supergirl for inspiration. That show allows many women to shine at the same time.

Who Will Quentin Side With - Arrow Season 6 Episode 13

What also doesn't sit well with me was Dinah being willing to put Quentin through that heartbreak again. Arrow seriously needs to cut the "she is not your daughter!" crap.

Regardless if this is Laurel of Earth-2 or Earth-32, this is a Laurel no matter what. I have loved Dinah up until this point because this is a serious insult to Quentin.

Especially after how he finally approved of her as being worthy to take the Black Canary mantle. While I'm happy that Laurel is alive, it stings that Dinah as a character crossed that line.

I never expected Cayden to be the big bad for the whole year. I knew that at some point he would fall and that someone else would take over.

But before we get to that, let's talk about how amazing Emerson was. While Cayden's actions can't be justified, it was genuinely heartbreaking to see how this man got to this point.

He never intended to kill when leading Helix. Seeing Cayden as the loving father that he was, I did feel bad for the guy. Once again, that doesn't excuse him for wanting to blow Star City up!

The Fall Of Cayden James - Arrow Season 6 Episode 13

But I did feel that the character was starting to run out of juice. "The Devil's Greatest Trick" was the perfect stop for Cayden, even though he did get brutally killed.

Speaking of the killer...Ricardo Diaz is stepping up big time! Ever since Kirk Acevedo got cast as Richard Dragon, I have been waiting for a moment like this.

I always imagined he would become the big bad by conducting something big. Killing Cayden made a lot of sense because that was one of the few ways for him to get there.

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We have seen many villains wanting to destroy Star City, but not many who have wanted to run it. That's why I feel that Ricardo will be refreshing as a big bad for the rest of Arrow Season 6.

I wouldn't even be surprised if he publicly is known as Richard Dragon. But continues to operate as Ricardo Diaz in the criminal world. Either way, I'm crazy excited for Ricardo!

Meet The New Boss - Arrow

Overall, "The Devil's Greatest Trick" was one of the stronger episodes since Arrow came back from winter break. The Cayden James saga got a solid conclusion with Ricardo now taking over.

The only issue was Dinah stepping over the line. Whether or not she can come back from that remains to be seen when Arrow returns next month. 

Now it is your turn to let us know what you thought of Arrow Season 6 Episode 13! Are you excited to see the rise of Ricardo Diaz?

Will Quentin be able to redeem Black Siren? Will Team Arrow and Team Canary clash?

Remember you can watch Arrow online right here via TV Fanatic! Catch up with the Emerald Archer before Arrow returns on March 1!

The Devil's Greatest Trick Review

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Arrow Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

This city.. It's prime for a takeover.


I'm never going to let anything happen to you William, ever. And I'm promising you that I'll do everything that I can to make sure nothing happens to me.