Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 12 Review: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

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How are Meredith and Jo going to pull off their project without a patent?

On Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 12, medicine was at the forefront. The doctors spent a significant amount of time coming up with and pitching innovative new ideas for a contest. 

GSM's finest focusing on the medical part of the job rather than their various relationships, or whatever other drama the show typically tosses at us regularly, was refreshing. 

A Round of Drinks - Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 12

This is the third installment in a row that served as a PSA. Statistics were run off in rapid-fire succession, be it the stats on maternal and fetal death during and directly after childbirth, or the percentage of the trans suicide rate. 

Grey's Anatomy kept them coming. Statistics are fantastic within reason, but when they run together, it feels like a lecture during a seminar. That was the issue during this hour; after a bit, eyes glazed over. 

Otherwise, it was great to see the docs passionate about breaking new medical ground. The competitive spirit was at an all-time high, but they all managed to inspire one another, too. Not to mention the fact that all of their submitted ideas were interesting. 

First up is Jackson. Jackson and Catherine's relationship is like a pendulum, either you love it or hate it. This time around, it was in "love it" territory. Catherine can be such an embarrassing mom!  The last things a guy wants to talk to his mom about our vaginas and orgasms. 

Jackson: We made a rule.
Catherine: What rule?
Jackson: The rule that says you and I don't work together on genitalia because you have no filter.

Catherine, in all of her sexually liberated glory, speaks about genitalia so often that Jackson has a firm rule about it and usually refuses to work with his mother. She has no filter, we all know this, but she was unexpectedly tame. She was a bit too forceful with her idea though.

Jackson's initial proposal for spray-on skin sounds hella cool! For some reason, little kids coating their hands in glue and peeling it off is the first thing that came to mind. A spray-on skin would significantly impact the field of plastics. 

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But the second trans character and doctor of the series (in less than three months) was introduced, and with her introduction, came an innovative vaginoplasty technique that could change not just the plastics field, but the women's health and sexual health field as well. 

Using the perineum to create a better functioning vagina is ambitious and a total game-changer. Dr. Velez is a woman who knows what she wants, and I look forward to learning more about her character. 

Poor Jax, he has two amazing ideas and can't decide which.


She let Catherine do most of the persuading, so we didn't get to see or learn much about her. All we know so far is that she wants to be the guinea pig. But neither woman proved to be as persuasive as Meredith. 

A simple talk with Mer and Jackson viewed the study in a whole new light. Their friendship is one of the most underrated ones in the series and a personal fave. 

Dahlia is also a personal fave. Finally, she's the intern that has been shown the least for some inexplicable reason, and given the fact that this is the first time a hijabi Muslim has played a recurring character on this show, it's unfortunate that she has the least amount of intern screentime. 


Honestly, she's a hoot. The crush she has on Jackson is adorable, and hey, who wouldn't have a crush on Jackson? Have you seen him? 

She's awkward, overcaffeinated, and I would love to see more of her. Hopefully, she'll be the intern that will work on this new study with the Averys and Velez. She was definitely interested in it. 

This project could be exciting because it is something that specifically affects women and relates to women as sexual beings. That's something that the medical field tends to overlook while putting more energy into everything from penal implants to erectile dysfunction medication.

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There is a disparity between the genders when it comes to sexual health or sex adjacent procedures. 

It's odd that Carina had no part in this whatsoever since she burst onto the scene with her controversial orgasm study that has not been revisited since Amelia's tumor. 

At least she'll have the opportunity to work with Arizona, though. 

Arizona: Would you like to be my partner?
Carina: Your partner?
Arizona: Yeah. On the study.
Carina: Only the study?

Arizona's proposal is appealing because she was inspired by Karen. It will focus on a significant issue affecting pregnant women in America. Preeclampsia isn't discussed often, and the high death rate for mothers and newborns is appalling. 

It's too bad that April can't participate in the contest because she would have worked well with Arizona. It could have helped her work through her depression. I don't like how April got to this place, but I am enjoying this dark turn she has taken. 

Yes, it was funny when she woke up next to Roy again and shuffled into the hospital hungover with a messy bun and sunglasses.

Her "eff it all" attitude is so unlike her that it's intriguing. Sadly, she revealed to Arizona that she's not just engaging in casual sex with the intern, but she also has to drink a bottle of wine every night to sleep. 

That's concerning. Arizona didn't comment much on that, but it's bound to come up again. When will Jackson, or Owen, or anyone else take notice? 

April's New Vice

Jo was dealing with the aftermath of her demons, too. She casually revealed that she has been sleepwalking and it still doesn't sink in that she's free of Paul. The bond that has formed between Jo and Mer is the most unexpectedly amazing development that has come out of this season. 

It's cool that their patient's tiny spleens and Jo inspired Meredith's idea, but how will she pull it off without a patent? 

Owen and Casey could potentially be a great duo. They have something in common with their military experience, but other than that, Owen needs something.

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It was uncomfortable watching him attempt to flirt with a disinterested Carina, and finding out that he wasn't taking part in the contest was disappointing because he literally has nothing else to do. 

Nothing is as disappointing as this Sam and Andrew thing, though. It's not interesting. DeLuca dancing was the only decent scene either of them had in the entire hour. I would have happily sacrificed their scenes for more Dahlia screentime. 

DeLuca Dances It Out

So, Levi is the intern of many names. Glasses and Bloodbank are the ones they throw around the most, but I took to referring to him as Bespectacled George and George 2.0 during this installment because he became the Miranda Bailey version of the Chief's Intern. 

Bailey may be on bed-rest, but she's not letting that stop her from entering in her rectal/colonoscopy tool. Miranda's idea was the least impressive of the bunch, but it was fun watching her piece together everything while an oblivious Levi helped her. 

Richard's project was inspired by his friend, but in a way, because of Maggie's mother, too. There was a lot of talk about mothers, anniversaries, and loss. It was nice seeing the two of them bond as she tried not to think about the anniversary of her mother's death. 

Anniversaries are hard. First anniversaries are worse.


The salsa lessons were a bit odd for a father and daughter to do together, but it was for a good cause. Catherine was elated by the gesture. 

Over to you guys, which project stood out or impressed you the most? Have you warmed up to any of the interns yet? Which development would you like scrapped? How do you feel about April's dark turn? Hit the comments below!

Grey's Anatomy will return March 1. Until then, you can watch Grey's Anatomy online right here via TV Fanatic!

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Review

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Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 12 Quotes

Jackson Avery, you are such a disappointment. I thought you were woke!


Jackson: We made a rule.
Catherine: What rule?
Jackson: The rule that says you and I don't work together on genitalia because you have no filter.