The Flash Season 4 Episode 13 Review: True Colors

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The Flash decided to get inspired by Prison Break in the latest chapter when Barry Allen must team up with the bus metahumans.

But The Flash Season 4 Episode 13 also deals with Ralph Dibny discovering a new conveniently, amazing ability.

Did anyone else need a serious breather after watching The Flash Season 4 because it went into hyper-drive!

Time For A Prison Break - The Flash Season 4 Episode 13

Given how wack this storyline started out it could only end in a wacky way. I mean that in both good and bad ways.

I never thought once in the last years that I'd ever get to see Barry Allen trying to break out of jail. But here we are, and the prison breakout was the story that worked the best.

Although I'm lost on how Clifford got security cameras into Iron Heights. Did he have some deal with Wolfe that we didn't know of?

I get that Clifford is super-smart and all. But darn it at some point The Flash need to give us some answers on how he does everything.

Using the "he is the smartest man alive" card over and over again won't do it for me. But for now, I'll go along with it once again.

Where Is Barry - The Flash Season 4 Episode 13

We got to discuss Ralph's new power that is a mixed bag to me. In the comics, Ralph does indeed have the power to disguise his face to a degree.

I think the writers choose to go a step further for the TV version. If I can accept talking sharks and gorillas, then I suppose I can accept this too.

It's not the weirdest thing in the world that Ralph can shape-shift. If he can stretch to all these lengths and sizes then why not?

I do think the timing was hilariously convenient. The result was fine for what it was because it got Barry out in the end.

Seeing Ralph trying to dupe Amunet as Wolfe was crazy funny which I don't mind. Did it get a little too silly at points?

Absolutely, but at least it was entertaining in a non-annoying way. It did also come with some stakes as Ralph failed the first time around.

Suit Up Time - The Flash Season 4 Episode 13

Which is where we get one of the few, but big issues with "True Colors." What is going on with Ralph's on-and-off self-esteem problem lately?

Is this Ralph's way of showing his inner humanity that we've only begun to scratch the surface of? I suppose I appreciate it, but it comes at the weirdest times.

When he first debuted, he was non-stop sure of himself. Perhaps his training into a hero is making him realize the bigger stakes of being a superhero.

Once again, I don't mind that he is becoming more human. It is simply the timing that felt a little off, but maybe I'm nitpicking too much.

It was funny to see Killer Frost be the one to get him to snap out of that funk, apparently so much that he was capable to shape-shift into the real Clifford DeVoe.

There were only a few ways they could have concluded Barry's prison arc without making it feel like a cop-out. Having a metahuman pose as the real DeVoe works for me.

Teaming Up With Bus Metas - The Flash Season 4 Episode 13

After all, the real DeVoe is technically still alive, and he had his original body fake a death. Does Ralph's timing of gaining this ability feel too convenient? 100%.

But we're beyond the middle of The Flash Season 4 now, so we had to get Barry out. However, DeVoe is still in the game in the most confusing way ever.

Did he kill those bus metas without taking their powers? Or did he take them before they died and we have yet to find out?

I don't know how to feel about DeVoe moving from Dominic to Becky. Hazard was the bus-meta who I liked the least because she was straight-up annoying.

Did anyone else wonder how the heck Marlize is dealing with all of this? "True Colors" left me with more questions than answers!

I wish there weren't a stupid hiatus because it is hard to know how to feel about all of this! This twist can be a strong move or it might be the one thing that drags down the whole season.

Protecting His Cellmates - The Flash

Overall, "True Colors" was one of the heavier episodes of the season so far. While sad to see so many of the bus metas die, I do want to see how Becky as DeVoe plays out.

I'm slightly worried about Ralph going into the rest of the season since DeVoe is targeting bus metas. But with Barry back in the world of freedom, at least he will stand a chance.

Now it is your turn to let us know what you thought of The Flash Season 4 Episode 13! Are you thrilled Barry is finally out of jail?

What the heck is going on with DeVoe? Is Ralph a danger to the team or is he the key in defeating The Thinker?

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True Colors Review

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The Flash Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Killer Frost: Hello, Stretch.
Ralph: They call me a man who elongates now.
Killer Frost: Hm, they should call you pathetic.

Joe: Wolfe is trafficking meta-humans? Is everybody crooked in this town?
Cisco: Ah, he always did look smug in those Italian wool suits. Oh, my God, he's literally wolf in sheep's clothing.