Arrow Season 6 Episode 16 Review: The Thanatos Guild

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The moment that has been predicted for almost two years now came to fruition in the latest chapter of Arrow.

Arrow Season 6 Episode 16 officially bid farewell to one of the show's original cast members as Thea Queen took off into the sunset, so to speak.

Till Next Time Speedies - Arrow Season 6 Episode 16

Despite that this has been in the cards for quite some time, what an ending huh? It struck a chord big time even though we knew that Willa Holland was being set up to leave Arrow Season 6.

Let's get through this Thanatos Guild situation. I didn't care much for it other than that it allowed Thea to suit up again and kick some ass with her fellow heroes.

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Nothing against Athena or her group, but Thanatos was only a plot device. We weren't supposed to invest in that group because this is the first and last time we'll ever see them.

Oh and that part about there being three Lazarus Pits in the Arrowverse? That's pretty dope as long as they don't use it to bring back Malcolm.

Nothing against John Barrowman, but I feel Malcolm has served his purpose and should stay dead. I'm cool with them bringing Barrowman as a doppelganger though!

It was also a blast to have Katrina Law back on Arrow after her faith was up in the air. Although let's be real, we knew they would never kill her off!

One Last Speedy Adventure - Arrow Season 6 Episode 16

If there was one thing that I was let down with was how they used Roy. When they announced he was coming back, I was expecting him to have some form of an arc.

But at the same time, I'm OK with Roy being there to help assist Thea's new journey. We had a lot of fun with him when he was on the show so I can't complain too much.

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I will praise the costume department though for giving an epic comic nod to Roy! Did you notice that red cap he was wearing throughout "The Thanatos Guild"?

Well, in the comics, Arsenal does sport a red cap regularly as part of his costume. If you need some examples, pick up any of the New 52 comics where he began to wear them.

Don't ask why he chooses to do that, I guess he is making a fashion statement? Although in his defense, he surprisingly pulls it off quite nicely.

I don't know why Roy choose to do that here, but as a comic book fan, I can't complain! I did wish though that he and Thea had both been in their costumes together for one scene.

A Warning to Thea - Arrow

But I guess us Roy/Thea shippers will have to fantasize about that. I'm not sure when we'll see Colton Haynes back on Arrow, but I suspect that it won't be for a long time.

Moving on to Thea, did we enjoy her final adventure? I will admit that I'm not too thrilled that her big offscreen mission will be related to something her father began.

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But at the same time, given how women on Arrow have been treated in the past, I can't be too picky. The important part was that this was Thea's decision to join Nyssa in destroying the other pits.

It does stink that for most of her run in the last two years, Thea hasn't had too much of a storyline. But the writers did wrap her story up together fairly well.

They didn't kill her off/fridge her to progress Oliver's story. We didn't see her leave melodramatically and be on bad terms with Ollie.

It was a mature and strong ending for her character that suited her. Her final scene with Oliver was heartbreaking though, but perfect in every way.

Epic Duo - Arrow

Will we ever see Thea again on Arrow? Probably not for a long time until the series finale, if I had to guess.

But I think, in a weird way, it might be best for Thea and Roy to be off Arrow for a while. We already have a butt load amount of characters to deal with already.

Overall, "The Thanatos Guild" was a solid conclusion for Thea as Willa Holland exits Arrow after six long years. Fingers crossed that we will see Thea and Roy back again someday.

Now we turn it to you as we want to hear your thoughts about Arrow Season 6 Episode 16! What did you think of Thea Queen's exit?

Will Curtis and his new cop buddy get along? What the heck is Ricardo Diaz planning?

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The Thanatos Guild Review

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Arrow Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

Nyssa: I didn't start using a computer until I was 25.
Felicity: That explains a lot.

Oliver: I'm going to miss you so much.
Thea: You will be with me the whole time.