For The People Post Mortem: Jasmin Savoy Brown Opens Up About Taking On An Algorithm & More!

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Allison went up against an algorithm on For The People Season 1 Episode 3, and it found her going to some very different places to get some help. 

TV Fanatic had the chance to chat with her portrayer, Jasmin Savoy Brown, about the big case and what's to come on For The People Season 1

Read the full interview below. 

Allison Adams - For The People

TV Fanatic: Allison spoke to the judge after input from her brother. Do you think that was good advice?

Yeah, I do. I do. I think that her doing that was a bit humbling for her, and also a bit scary.

I think it takes some vulnerability to just speak to someone peer to peer and not be posturing or trying to prove, "I am a lawyer," with her just taking off all those layers and just standing there in front of the judge.

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I think it was a risk, getting so scary for her, but I think it was smart because not only was it a sign of respect, but it also was kind of a walking example of what she was discussing and trying to prove to the judge.

Like, "Look at me. Look at Keenan as a human. I'm talking to you as a human. Look at Keenan as a human." So I think it was a bunch of layers happening all at once, but in the end, it did benefit her.

Jasmin Savoy Brown  - For The People

TV Fanatic: Do you think the case was a defining one for Allison's career?

I think Allison's been very fortunate that, so far, she hasn't lost any cases, which I think is good for her confidence, but it also might be bad for her ego. But I think that the fact that she is faced with a case that deals with this algorithm kind of proves to her that she will never know what is going to happen in the courtroom, and she has to always be prepared.

And I think that it really ... I think overall it's a good thing that she had this happen now.

TV Fanatic: Do you think that it brought Allison closer with her brother? Like, are they going to be seeing each other more now?

I definitely think it brought her closer to her brother. I think that their relationship won't change that much, just because that's the way their family is.

They kind of are set in their ways, and it would take a lot for a drastic, emotional, day-to-day change to happen between any of them. But I think on a minor level, it did shift their relationship, even if it just means that Allison can sleep better at night knowing that she can call him if she really needs to.

Allison Is Not Impressed - For The People

TV Fanatic: Why do you think the relationship was strained because Allison's brother thought she was the favorite child?

It's so funny because you say that, it's probably because I play Allison that I definitely see from her perspective, which is that he was always the favorite.

TV Fanatic: Right.

I think they were always in competition because they're both incredibly smart, but they put their smarts to different uses. And for Allison, she sees it as, "Look, you're just like them. You followed in their footsteps. They love you more." And he sees it as, "They let you be yourself. They let you do what you wanted. They didn't force their dreams onto you; therefore, they love you more."

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So I think it all just came down to this sibling rivalry competition for love. They're both probably a little bit love-deprived because their parents were probably working all the time when they were kids.

I think it, that's what it comes down to at the core is just this competition and this even unspoken love. You know, Allison says in the episode how much she looked up to her brother and admired him, but she just never told him that, just a lot of things that were unsaid.

Allison vs. An Algorithm - For The People

TV Fanatic: Do you think winning this case will push Allison to continue prioritizing her career over her relationships? Or do you think she and Seth could figure things out?

You know, I think Allison, I think it's all kind of shifting as we watch her right now. I think her work is very important to her, and she didn't realize how important it was until she and Seth broke up and she made that choice. But I also think that she's a really good friend, and she's really good at separating work from home.

When she gets home, she's good at just opening a bottle of wine, relaxing, and being present while Sandra is working away. So I think she's kind of figuring out right now what she wants her work/life balance to look like.

TV Fanatic: Okay, and what character would you like Allison to go up against in the courtroom?

I'd love for her to go up against Kate Littlejohn. I think that's so fun!

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