Good Girls Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Atom Bomb

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So, Boomer is a very big problem.

This isn't exactly a shocking development, but Good Girls Season 1 Episode 4 brings into focus just how badly Boomer wants these ladies to pay for their crimes. Or more likely pay for what they did to him.

And bypassing the local police shows that Boomer is really out there looking for revenge.

A Business Proposition - Good Girls

These ladies aren't killers. They're not even bad people in the grand scheme of things. All three are smart, bad ass mothers who are doing whatever they need to do to make sure their families are taken care of.

But even with noble intentions, they are extremely naive. Letting Boomer go after kidnapping him and holding him hostage, was always bound to come back to haunt them, no matter what they tried to hang over his head.

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Boomer isn't a good person and his vindictive nature will not allow him to let these ladies escape some kind of justice. It's interesting to note though that he's only giving the FBI information about things that have happened since the grocery store robbery.

It's actually pretty smart, as the ladies don't know that Boomer has been following them. But seeing as how we are only a few episodes into Good Girls inaugural season, I can't see these ladies getting busted this early.

Boomer the Informant- Good Girls Season 1 Episode 4

So then what was the handsome FBI guy doing on Beth's doorstep? My guess is he's going to ask her to help the FBI set Rio up.

Rio- You get paid when you do a job. Did you do a job?
Beth- He left.
Rio- Then that's on you.

Speaking of Rio, he's really becoming a part of the team now. I'm kidding, sort of. I'm still standing by my assertion that there's something going on between him and Beth. And it may just be on his end. For now, that is.

Once Beth finds out that Dean is lying to her again (and on a worse level in my opinion) there's no telling what she may do.

I was really rooting for Dean, too. But he just can't seem to get out of his own way. The sight of Beth with another man clearly set something off inside him and he just blurted out the first thing that came to his mind.

Annie Thinking- Good Girls Season 1 Episode 4

Beth, being the decent human being that she is, will support him as best as she can, but once the truth comes out, I'm afraid this may be the end for the Boland's.

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There's no coming back from faking cancer.

Ruby [to teenage boy]- I'm sorry. I'm sorry you're too stupid to understand basic human decency. And how to treat anyone, especially service people with respect.
Tony- She doesn't mean that.
Ruby- No, I do. I am one sorry bitch.

From one marriage in shambles to another one that is the pure definition of relationship goals, Ruby and Stan are such an amazing couple. And I'm really getting scared for the day he finds out about all the lying Ruby has been doing.

Unlike Beth and Annie, Ruby is in a fully functioning, stable relationship and Stan is going to be crushed when he realizes what's been going on. And he will figure some things out eventually.

Manning the Grille- Good Girls Season 1 Episode 4

While I don't believe the ladies will get caught by the police this early, I think it's only a matter of time before the men in their lives start to piece some things together.

And now that the ladies are really climbing into bed with Rio and becoming part of his payroll, it just opens themselves up, even more, to exposure.

An opportunity to make fast cash can be extremely enticing, but boy are these girls in over their heads. It will be fun to see how these ladies do in the money laundering business.

Happy Birthday- Good Girls  Season 1 Episode 4

The most fun parts of every episode are when the ladies venture outside of their comfort zones and getting them more involved in the day to day activities of a criminal enterprise has the potential for a lot of laughs.

But there may also be a lot of bad that could happen. Just look at Beth's poor minivan, that went missing for what, a day or two? Cleaning fake money in a big chain, retail warehouse sounds like a no-frills thing, but what happens when Rio's enemies catch wind of this?

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Because let's face it, guys like Rio always have enemies.

So as we dive into the back half of the season, I want to know how you guys are liking the show so far. Do you want to see the ladies working with Rio? When do you think the men of this show will catch on to what the ladies are up to?

Make sure to comment down below so we can discuss everything. And make sure to watch Good Girls online right now so you can join the conversation!

Atom Bomb Review

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Good Girls Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Annie- Are people like pulling your pants down?
Sadie- They want to know what I am.

Beth- Two car seats, plus a booster seat. What's that going to set me back, like six hundred bucks?
Annie- Maybe he'll realize and bring em back.
Ruby- That's not how carjacking works.