Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Bring on Station 19!

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We welcomed Andy Herrera into the fold on Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 13, and it was a success. 

Also, Bailey returned to work after her heart attack, and Jackson and Arizona have finally realized that something is off with April. 

Join TV Fanatics Paul Dailly, Stacy Glanzman, and Jasmine Blu as they discuss another great hour of Grey's Anatomy. 

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What was your impression of Andy? Did she persuade you to watch Station 19?

Paul: Andy is a phenomenal character. Jaina Lee Ortiz took on the role with ease, and I cannot wait to watch Station 19 when it debuts later this month.

Stacy: I loved her! She had me with her "You look 12, can you find me a grownup to tell me that?" line. I was on the fence about Station 19, but I think she convinced me to give it a shot.

Jasmine: I liked her. Like Stacy, I was originally on the fence about watching Station 19, but after this introduction to Andy and knowing that Ben will be there, I'll give it a shot.

A Disaster

Did Richard overdo it with monitoring Bailey on her first day back?

Paul: Yes, it was far too much. I don't know what he thought he was going to accomplish by persistently trying to get her out of the OR. Maggie would not have allowed her back to work if she was not medically capable, so it was bizarre for Richard to ask questions continually.

Stacy: Yes, and that drove me crazy. We just saw Bailey have to advocate for her own health. She knows her body better than anyone and would not have rushed back before she was ready. I get that he had concern for her, but he definitely overdid it.

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Jasmine: Definitely. I know how much he cares for her, so I understood why he was behaving that way, but he overdid it. Trust in your gifted head of Cardio. Trust in Bailey's ability to know her own body.

He drew more attention to the situation than necessary, and it violated her privacy. Plus, he was not this way when Derek came back after being shot or after Burke had his hand surgery to stop the tremor.

Alex seems to be more protective of Kimmy than he usually is with his patients. Why do you think Kimmy has "gotten under his skin?"

Paul: I think it comes down to how positive Kimmy has been about everything. She's talented, and he knows she has a bright future ahead of her if the tumor is removed.

Stacy: I don't know, Alex has gotten invested in quite a few of his patients, so this doesn't really feel unusual to me. I agree with Paul though. This girl has big dreams for her future, and he wants to see her make them come true.

Jasmine: It could be nothing major, and he enjoys her positivity and light. A big Alex-centric episode is coming up soon, so I wondered if it related to this case. Maybe she reminds him of someone from his past, like his mom or his sister.

Now Jackson and Arizona both have realized just how far April has fallen. Will this be a turning point for April?

Paul: Nope. She has a lot further to fall before she realizes she needs to get it together.

Stacy: Yeah, I don't think she's there yet. People are starting to confront her, which will make her defensive and want to continue her reckless behavior. I am guessing the turning point is going to be when it either interferes with her job or with Harriett.

Jasmine: Yeah, I agree. She has some ways to go first. I do think it'll take something drastic like her job being affected or Harriett being in jeopardy as Stacy said.

April Intervention Team

Dahlia is the intern we got to learn more about this week. Is she worth keeping? Are any of them?

Paul: Dahlia was great, and I cannot wait to see where her story takes her. Levi and Hellmouth are decent, so I would like them to stick around. The others are not pulling me in, and I could care less whether they returned.

Stacy: I liked her, but I'm not really super invested in the interns either way. The Buffy fan in me loves the Hellmouth nickname though.

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Jasmine: I thoroughly enjoyed her. In a way, she reminded me of Lexie. I think she and Casey are the most interesting ones of the bunch, and I like Levi well enough.

The others are doing nothing for me. You never know which characters will play a bigger role in the series as others move on, but so far, only half of them work.


What was your favorite scene/quote?

Paul: April doing shots with the interns and Arizona's reaction. It was hilarious!

Stacy: Definitely the scene of Tom and Kimmy arguing over musicals. I love musicals. I have my tickets to see Hamilton this summer, and then I'll be able to join in on their debate.

Jasmine: The scene where Alex and Kimmy were singing together was too cute for words.

Now it's your turn Grey's Fanatics, do you agree with our roundtable? Hit the comments below. Grey's Anatomy returns March. 8 with an all-new episode. 

Station 19 premieres March. 22 right after Grey's Anatomy. 

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