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Meredith is stressed out because she doesn't want to tip off April that she doesn't have the patent for her polymers. Maggie is talking about her budget for her project, and Amelia is just upset that she wasn't even chosen. 

When Jackson takes Harriet to see April before dropping her off at daycare he notices that April is walking around with a banana bag to help her with her hangover. Jackson is concerned about April's behavior and approaches Arizona about it. Arizona tells him that April is having fun, and discovering who she is was April without being with Jackson. 

Tom is back in town because Amelia called him in for help. Alex isn't crazy about him because Tom is spending most of the time flirting with Amelia. They have to figure out a way to do this brain surgery on Kimmy, but Kimmy is losing faith in the process. 

Ben and Andy bring in a case with a kid who did a science project that backfired. Andy has her hand stuck in the one patient's torso because her hand is the only thing keeping him from bleeding out. 

Dahlia and Owen work on the other kid. When Owen walks away the kid pulls out the shard in his leg. Dahlia has to use quick thinking and uses her hijab to staunch the bleeding like a tourniquet. Owen tells her later that he's surprised that she used her hijab like that, and she explains what her faith means and basically says why wouldn't she if she believes in being at the service of others. 

Tom and Amelia figure out a way to help Kimmy.

Arizona finally realizes that April may not be OK.

Ben talks to Bailey about how he'll feel leaving to pursue his new passion.

Andy helps Meredith get a sit down with the man who has the patent for the polymer. 


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