Rise Season 1 Episode 3 Review: What Flowers May Bloom

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Everyone needs to dream every so often.

That's what Lou asked of everyone on Rise Season 1 Episode 3 when it became apparent that making Spring Awakening the professional and polished production he wanted was not going to be the easiest of things to accomplish. 

Through three episodes, it's becoming clear as day that Lou is a perfectionist. He wants everything to be as polished as possible, and that's why he can't help throwing subtle shade about past productions at Tracey. 

Simon Drops a Bombshell - Rise

Tracey successfully spearheaded the operation for years before Lou appeared on the scene, and it was stolen from her without so much as a second to process it. 

Tracey and Lou are so different, and that's why they clash. It wouldn't make for good TV if they just got along every single week, but Lou needs to start thinking before he speaks or he runs the risk of Tracey telling him she's out ... for good. 

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There's only so much one person can take before they snap, and there were several moments during "What Flowers May Bloom" in which Tracey looked ready to make a swift exit stage left. 

But there was a bigger issue on the horizon for Spring Awakening: Would it be able to remain a success without Simon? 

Tracey Learns The Truth - Rise Season 1 Episode 3

Lou definitely took Tracey's comments on board about how risque the story was, and that's why he turned to Simon. Being the first big production under Lou's control, Lou is likely starting to worry that he was the wrong man for the job and the naysayers were right. 

But Simon's speech about it being a timely tale surprised me. Simon worried on Rise Season 1 Episode 1 about the subject matter because he had to play a character who indulged in sexual activity with another male. 

That conflicted with the views of his parents, and that's why they wanted him out of Stanton High because they feared it was going to corrupt him. 

Lou went a little too far by going to the house, and subsequently putting his foot in front of the door to prevent Simon's mother from closing it on him. There was a time and place for that sort of conversation, and it was at the school. 

Lou Lashes Out - Rise Season 1 Episode 3

Lou's comments did, however, make Simon's mother think about things more in depth. She and her husband made the decision relatively quickly after learning about Spring Awakening. 

It conflicted with their views, and that's not a bad thing. They wanted to do the best by their son, but it seemed like Simon's mother had come around to the idea of Simon remaining in the play by the end of the episode. 

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Then there were all of the developments with Maashous. That kid has had a rough time of it in the system, and I loved that Lou went to speak to the person who was responsible for him. 

The woman didn't seem like she knew how to cope with looking after anyone. Sitting in the car was rather telling. 

I teared up a little when Gail changed her stance on the whole situation and declared that there was no way the kid was returning to that house. 

It was an excellent juxtaposition of the way she felt at the top of the hour. It's understandable that she would not want Gordy to feel uncomfortable because he's going through a lot of things right now. 

But Gail changing her views after hearing all about growing up in the system reiterated the fact that some of these teenagers are going through some horrible things.

It's not plain sailing for everyone and Rise is tackling themes that should be tackled on TV. 

Did anyone else cheer for Vanessa when she gave the phone case back to Sam? She knew that she was making a mistake by getting into bed with a married man and she owned that. 

Parents need to be good role models for their children, and I hope Vanessa can stick to her guns from here on out. 

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Sam's relationship with Denise is purely a formality at this stage. They both checked out long ago, and are only living together again to restore normalcy to Gwen's life. 

If they officially divorced, everyone would be speaking about it. That's what happens in small towns where everyone knows each other. 

"What Flowers May Bloom" was another solid episode of this NBC drama series. The stories are all very raw, and the acting is first-class. 

What did you think of it all, Rise Fanatics?

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What Flowers May Bloom Review

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Rise Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Gail: We can’t send him back to that foster home.
Lou: I love you so much right now.
Gail: We’ll figure it out.
Lou: Okay.

Gail: So, tell me what it was like?
Maashous: In foster homes?
Gail: Yes.